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District Manager, Premium American Retailer


The client is an American-based premium retailer with more than 30,000 locations around the world.


A Modern Hire client, the company wanted to refresh its existing Virtual Job Tryout to enhance the candidate experience while maintaining reliable predictions for key business outcomes and treating candidates for the District Manager position fairly.

District Managers direct a multi-unit portfolio of stores by planning strategies and consistent implementation. They are responsible for developing district-level approaches to achieve each store’s financial, operational, and customer-service goals while addressing each location’s unique strengths and challenges.

District Managers motivate, coach, and strengthen Store Managers and serve as a resource to team members and patrons alike by providing solutions on critical customer issues, team staffing and management, store operations, and company policies and procedures.


Modern Hire created a highly custom-branded Virtual Job Tryout that allowed candidates to learn about the opportunities and challenges associated with the role of District Manager. The realistic job preview walked candidates through role-specific interactions and scenarios.

The Virtual Job Tryout assessed candidates on whether they fit the unique company culture and their problem-solving skills, situational judgment, work history, and work style.


Virtual Job Tryout results were consistently related to the District Manager’s performance. The higher the candidate’s Virtual Job Tryout scores, they higher their competency rating.

Candidates who scored highest on the Virtual Job Tryout:

  • Improved district sales at a 104% higher rate than those who scored lowest
  • Saved $150K more per year in controllable contribution (sales minus controllable expenses like costs of goods sold, labor, supplies) than those who scored lowest
  • Were twice as likely to be categorized as a top-performing District Manager
  • Showed more than 20% year-over-year improvement in sales per transaction
  • Had a more than 300% increase in their transaction count