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District Manager, Fast Food


The client is an American international fast food restaurant chain founded in 1969. The client is the world’s third-largest hamburger fast-food chain with over 6,500 locations.


The client was looking for a way to evaluate candidates for the District Manager position, one of the most critical roles in the organization. The client wanted an accurate, scientifically proven way to identify the characteristics essential to success in the role.

The District Manager is responsible for overseeing all daily operations at 8-10 locations, as well as creating and managing budgets, guaranteeing all food safety procedures are executed, interviewing, hiring cross-training, and disciplining staff as needed, and ensuring the overall quality, cleanliness and operations are met.


Modern Hire built the client a highly customized Virtual Job Tryout. The immersive experience allowed candidates to encounter the typical DM job and responsibilities while measuring key competencies used. The VJT also measured the candidates’ culture fit, prioritization/delegation, problem-solving, situational judgment, strategy judgment, strategy richness, work history, and work style.


The VJT results were consistently related to the District Manager’s performance. The better the candidates’ VJT results, the higher their competency rating.

  • Those who scored the highest on the VJT were 101% more likely to be promotable.
  • Top-scoring candidates were 95% more likely to be rated as one of the best District Managers ever.
  • High-performers on the Virtual Job Tryout were 78% more likely to be ranked as a top performer.