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Digital Transformation for Talent Acquisition

Digital Transformation for Talent Acquisition Teams – What You Need To Know

Digital transformation can be a daunting task for an organization, but especially when shifts in the world escalate the need and the timeline. Determining whether there is a mutual fit for both the company and the candidate is more crucial and complicated than even a few weeks ago. Both sides need to efficiently and comfortably be able to get an understanding of that fit. Modern Hire has been helping companies find their perfect candidates in the digital world for decades, so we’d like to share a few tips you can consider if your company is about to go through a digital transformation.

Create a better candidate experience

Candidate experience is quite the buzzword these days in hiring circles and for a good reason. Hiring should be viewed as an experience, not a process. Exceptional talent in the marketplace is going to attract attention from many companies. That means they can be picky, and let’s not forget that candidates are, after all, interviewing you too. They are trying to decide if your company is a good fit for them and if you are a B2C company, it’s even more critical to create a positive interaction with your brand, so you don’t risk losing a current or future customer.

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Get personal early and often

One recruiter, multiple positions to fill, and hundreds or thousands of applicants — sound familiar? This is the reality within many talent acquisition departments these days, which makes getting personal with candidates more difficult. Text interviewing allows a recruiter to enable a more personal approach with candidates from the start while creating an effective way to advance the most promising candidates along quickly. Text messaging throughout the hiring experience can also help alleviate some of the anxiety and stress that candidates feel when they don’t hear from a company for extended periods, adding to positive candidate experience. 

Here are Four moves the pros make when using text for recruiting and investigate other ways you can use recruiting automation for candidate-centric hiring.

Choose the right technology for video interviewing

Many companies have already made a move to video interviewing, and it’s easy to see why. You can engage face-to-face with your candidates much earlier in their experience, providing a better opportunity to create a personal bond and put your brand and company culture on display. Last but not least, it can reduce unnecessary travel expenses and is a lot easier to schedule, accelerating the time-to-hire. 

There are many options out there for conducting video interviews, but there are dozens of factors to consider. Read up on what you should consider when assessing the various technology options

Implement fair, effective job assessments

Assessments can be an effective method of gathering standardized data on candidates during the hiring process. When done right, they provide organizations with a better way of gauging which candidates are a better fit for the job they are hiring for and a more effective way of predicting those candidates’ future job performance. They also provide applicants with a clear understanding of the job, resulting in better overall candidate experience.

Learn more about how to successfully turn standard assessments into virtual job simulations that work for everyone.

Identify the recruiting metrics that matter most

When you invest time and money into any technology solution, there needs to be a way to know if it’s effective and providing value. Talent acquisition technology solutions are no different, but what exactly should you be measuring? That generally depends on what your specific organizational goals are. Are you trying to hire faster? Fairer? Sort through large candidate pools more efficiently? Making smarter hiring decisions? Time-to-fill, post-interview satisfaction, and first-year turnover, are generally high on the list for most companies, as well as those of most candidates. 

Whatever the case may be for your company, you should ensure that the solution you choose can measure the metrics most important to you so you can gauge improvement. 

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