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Candidates: Are you interviewing and need support?

Cross Country Healthcare Case Study



An industry pioneer, Cross Country Healthcare takes the lead and breaks the conventional staffing mold to develop and deliver innovative technologies and intuitive solutions proactively. The company focuses on total talent management and workforce solutions, enhancing the candidate experience and enabling healthcare professionals and providers to achieve their professional and business goals, while always maintaining the patients they serve at the forefront of what they do.


The Cross Country Healthcare team had a goal – make the process from candidate submission to placement as seamless as possible. The largest pain point – the phone interview. Delays in scheduling as Interview Services (IVS) Managers worked to contact candidates were common. In addition, there was no easy process for candidate renewals.



To quickly engage candidates and streamline the process, the phone interview was replaced with Modern Hire on-demand interviewing.

The team uses the on-demand video platform, but asks candidates to record their answers via audio. This allows nurses to complete the interview when it’s convenient for them, 24/7 – a huge advantage for those working off-hours and long shifts.

For the Cross Country Healthcare team, they can structure the interview according to the requirements of the job. For example, an interview for a critical care nurse will look different from that of a labor and delivery nurse. Questions are behavioral in nature, and the entire interview only takes 12-15 minutes to complete.

As interviews are completed, the IVS Manager can quickly prioritize the highest quality candidates. Top candidates are forwarded to the client’s Nurse Manager. They can review the interview at any time, from a computer or any mobile device, and accept the candidate on the spot.

The renewal process has been transformed. As a healthcare professional completes an assignment, they don’t have to start the application from scratch – their Modern Hire interview is already on file.

The IVS Manager can forward the interview to a Nurse Manager, and the candidate is locked into a new placement within minutes.



Cross Country Healthcare cut turnaround time by 72% with Modern Hire. “As the market for nurses continues to tighten, Modern Hire gives us a competitive advantage,” said Hank Drummond, Chief Clinical Officer. “A nurse is going to apply with multiple staffing firms – who can get back to that candidate the fastest? Modern Hire helps us to put more people to work in a shorter amount of time. There’s no question that we’re going to expand into additional business units across Cross Country Staffing.

”Our job at Cross Country Healthcare is to exceed our clients’ expectations. From the time a client gives us an assignment, speed and efficiency are paramount, but we have to balance that with a quality candidate experience. Innovation is key, and it’s one of the reasons we turned to Modern Hire.” – Hank Drummond, Chief Clinical Officer