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Competitive Campus Recruiting

When you’re recruiting on campus, every recruiter is fighting for the best of the best. You need that cutting edge to attract top talent. There are organizations who use automated scheduling, and you know what? They are winning the war on talent.

Organizations who use automated scheduling are extending their reach to more students faster and are boosting their speed to hire. Automated scheduling also enables campus recruiting teams to redirect more of their time to meeting and talking live with ideal candidates.

The competition for young talent is high. According to Michigan’s 2018 Recruiting Trends, several industries expect a significant increase in their campus recruiting efforts.

Here are five ways you can leverage automated scheduling to compete:

Fill up campus information sessions

Scheduling technology is the fastest, most efficient route to managing attendance at your information sessions. With a single email or text, invite a large number of students to choose the session they’d like to join.

Invite candidates to self-schedule appointments during your campus visit

Make the most of your time on campus by meeting top students while you’re there. Identify your time slots, then invite your short list to get on your calendar quickly and easily. That’s the kind of hiring experience today’s candidates expect.

Get your virtual hiring events on students’ calendars

When participating in virtual job fairs, don’t let your session slip students’ minds. Use scheduling tech to get on their calendars immediately and automatically without any more effort by them.

Coordinate multiple recruiting activities happening at once with teams of interviewers and many candidates

Do you prefer group and panel interviews? Coordinating multiple events with multiple interviewers and students is simple and takes minutes, not hours, with automated scheduling.

Organize live phone and in-person interviews

Use an AI-driven scheduling assistant or automated scheduling to quickly balance candidates’ schedules with hiring managers’ availability. You put the power in the candidates’ hands giving them choices that work best for them. Candidates experience a process that’s high tech, high touch and that values their time.

Choosing the Right Scheduling Technology

It’s tough to compete against this digital transformation in campus recruiting without the right technology. The key is selecting an interviewing platform that integrates automated scheduling, the kind that’s purpose-built for hiring. Modern Hire’s solution integrates on-demand and live interviews by video, voice and text with automated scheduling, so campus recruiters have a single technology they can use for every step in the campus recruiting and hiring cycle.

As the talent manager at one multinational Modern Hire client explains,

“Our recruiters’ time and energy isn’t spent going from campus to campus to campus, but on the front end pushing the brand and getting people to apply. We actually get more candidates this way, and better candidates as well.”

Find out more about automated scheduling and the time-saving possibilities in your organization with our quick assessment.