Competing Against Younger Job Candidates? How to Get Ahead.

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Modern Hire

If you’ve noticed what seems like a subtle shift in your company’s attention towards younger employees, it’s not all in your head. According to a new study, 64% of employees surveyed say their company is more focused on attracting younger people, while just 44% believe the focus is on attracting and retaining older workers. The study also indicates that while 78% of employees surveyed believe attracting younger people is critical to their company’s success, only 56% agree that retaining older workers will do the same. The data suggests that workforce veterans may need to work harder on their interviewing skills to capture the interest of employers when they are looking to change jobs or even move within their current organization.The good news is that technology on the rise – video interviewing – can help you make a stronger impression. If you’re invited to video interview, seize the opportunity.

What Interviewing Skills Do You Have That Millennials Don’t?

Today’s youngest workers are coming out of college with degrees in nanotechnology, digital forensics, social media, and other majors that didn’t exist just 10 years ago. For more experienced employees, there’s a widening gap between their expertise and companies’ workforce needs. Still, older employees offer what millennials can’t: Experience with people, which often translates into solid communication skills and good judgment. There’s a reason older employees usually make the best managers and mentors. Though hard to translate via resume, your soft skills come through loud and clear in a video interview.

The increasing use of online interviewing is good news for veteran employees, or any employee who wants to make his or her best impression. Consider the power of a face-to-face conversation, and the opportunity to sell your interviewer on your interest in the job and the strengths you’d bring to it. Video enables you to respond to a potential employer’s priorities, and form that personal connection which can help you stand out in a talent pool of all ages.

Tips for Video Interviewing Skills to Your Advantage

Everything you need to know to have a brilliant video interview falls mainly into these four areas:

  • Tech connection: Make sure you understand how to connect and that your connection is working. You can test this in advance, and if your interviewer is using purpose-built technology like Modern Hire’s solution, you will have access to 24/7 live tech support. Nearly all candidates (98%) in a post-interview survey find Modern Hire’s video interviewing easy to use Most never have a need to contact tech support.
  • Looking good on camera: It’s not hard to make a professional impression on camera when you pay attention to camera placement and plan for appropriate dress. Whether interviewing in your home with a desktop or tablet, or using your smart phone on the go, you’ll want to find an interview space that’s quiet and free of distractions in the background.
  • Preparing for interview questions: Treat your video interview just like a traditional interview by being prepared to summarize your experiences simply and clearly. Think about your capabilities and accomplishments, and practice your stories about them. This way, you’ll be ready for questions such as, “Tell me about time when you had to do _______.”
  • Attitude: Embrace this opportunity to shine! Be yourself, and let your passion for this new job show. Be conscious of body language. Smiling and eye contact shows you are self-confident and engaged in the interview. Crossing your arms over your chest or wringing your hands will show you are nervous. Keep in mind that 93% of candidates surveyed who have completed a live Modern Hire video interview agree that Modern Hire allowed them to better represent themselves as the right candidate. Take this opportunity and run with it.

The chance for candidates all of ages to be invited to video interview is growing. For older workers looking for every advantage in their job search, it pays to hone your video interviewing skills. For more tips on how to have a job-winning video interview, view our job candidate resources today.