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Candidates: Are you interviewing and need support?

CareerBuilder’s 2016 list of hottest jobs is out, and perennials like registered nurse, software developer and truck driver top the list for another year. What’s new is the way recruiters approach hiring for roles like these in which demand for employees greatly outpaces the supply of candidates. TA teams continue to turn to video interviewing technology for improved hiring. The software enables recruiters to spend less time in transit and more time talking with candidates – a strategic change that puts the focus on relationship-building with potential new hires. Here’s a look at ways video interviewing is being used for 2016’s hardest to fill roles.

Hiring Registered Nurses

Healthcare recruiters are opening up the lines of communication between candidates and hiring managers with video interviewing, and the technology provides advantages in so many ways:

  • Both hiring managers and working nurses find it convenient to connect via mobile for a video interview, which speeds up the hiring process for both parties
  • Hiring managers can sell the position, which helps keep top talent engaged in the process
  • Nurse candidates get an authentic feel for potential new managers and work environments, which can aid in their decision to change jobs

When hiring managers and nurse candidates connect earlier in the hiring process, both parties can move forward to their end goals more quickly.

Hiring Software Developers

“Software Developer” is a big catch-all for roles that are becoming increasingly specialized. Recruiters recognize what it takes to be a top candidate in the IT field, but they often call on other developers at their company to verify if a candidate truly knows the technical stuff. IT recruiters are using on-demand video interviewing to screen for right-fit talent, then inviting promising candidates to a live video interview with current employees who can give their assessment of a candidate’s skills. It’s collaboration in hiring that adds substantial value without reducing productive work time since current employees can join in a live video interview right from their desks or via smart phone.

IT recruiters utilize live video interviewing so current employees can assess technical skills of candidates.

Hiring Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers

Like other industries with a talent shortage, transportation is grappling with dual challenges: An aging workforce and an increasing demand for its services. Currently, more than 70% of all U.S. freight is transported by truck, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 11% job growth for qualified truck drivers through 2022. National trucking companies offer signing bonuses of $4,000-$8,000 for drivers with as little as three months of experience. Many are turning to the military and younger talent pools to fill their pipelines. Recruiters are using video interviewing to overcome hiring challenges for these roles:

  • At on campus job fairs, recruiters invite students to complete a quick on-demand interview, which builds the recruiter’s pipeline and allows the recruiter to have more in-depth conversations and interviews with students they’ve identified in advance as top notch.
  • A purpose-built video interviewing platform reaches candidates in disparate talent pools with an invitation to complete an on-demand interview. Modern Hire’s data from video interviewing’s early adopters indicates that on average, candidates invited to an on-demand interview respond and complete that interview 75% of the time. Companies who are thorough, meticulous communicators tend to get response rates closer to 95% for their on-demand invites.
  • U.S. Department of Transportation requirements for a commercial driver’s license (CDL) include the ability to read and speak English. When trucking companies offer paid apprenticeships and CDL training, they need an efficient way to assess candidates’ language skills. They can accomplish it with live and on-demand video or voice interviewing.

The war for talent will continue this year across healthcare, IT, transportation and so many other industries. For recruiters with a New Year’s resolution to do things differently in 2016, video interviewing is a strategic new best practice with proven returns in terms of time, effort and results.