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Candidates: Are you interviewing and need support?

It’s that time of year again: Organization’s TA departments are in college recruitment mode. 2016 graduates will be looking for work very shortly, and TA is ramping up efforts to recruit these fresh graduates. College hiring last year was up 9.6% over the previous year, according to NACE’s most recent college hiring survey. And, nearly 2,000 HR leaders met in Anaheim last summer at NACE’s 2015 conference and expo on innovation in college recruiting with video interviewing. Modern Hire was there, helping employers learn how video interviewing can elevate their college recruiting program and hiring results.

College Recruiting with Video Interviewing Provides Value throughout the Process

Two of the biggest challenges companies face in college recruiting are managing the logistics efficiently, and differentiating their employer brand. Video interviewing helps organizations handle both by providing value at every step of the hiring process.

Before You Go On Campus:

Use Modern Hire on-demand video interviewing to identify those must-meet student candidates while you’re on campus. Set up interviews only with the best of the best, who you’ve identified ahead of time through recorded video interviews. You can also use the technology to be sure the candidates understand your company and your culture. Configure your virtual foyer area to reflect your own unique brand, and fill it with great content and job-specific videos, even videos from interns and current employees who came from that specific alma mater.

During Your Campus Visits:

College students respect speed and decisiveness, so be efficient with your recruiting process. Recruiters on-site can have hiring managers ready and waiting in the wings for live video interviews when the right candidate comes into view. Those hiring managers may not be able to cross the country visiting campus after campus, but they can reserve time at their desks to meet the best of the bunch from afar. Video interviewing respects everyone’s time and gets the process moving fast.

After You’ve Returned to the Office:

While you’re still on campus, invite students to complete an on-demand video interview through social media, which they can complete through mobile and SMS technology. Then, when you return to the office, you’ll have a large pool of potential talent waiting to be screened. Scope out who you’d like to learn more about efficiently, then use high-tech follow through with live video interviews.

You can also use the technology to keep student candidates engaged, either as a group or one-on-one, until you’re ready to extend offers. Then, once you’ve secured your new hires, on-demand video is a great way to introduce them into the company: Ask new hires to complete a short video about themselves, then circulate it to their new department and the company so current employees recognize the new faces. Nothing is a warmer welcome to the team.

Learn from Top College Recruiters

Ferguson Enterprises is a leading wholesale supplier of commercial and residential plumbing supplies – and also takes on an extensive college recruiting strategy each year as they hire over 1200 graduates annually. They utilize Modern Hire for all of their campus recruiting efforts, and have overcome some serious business challenges in the process:

  • Lack of brand awareness on college campuses
  • Limited resources (who hasn’t struggled with this one?)
  • Campus distribution/travel time needed to visit in person

Using on-demand and live video interviewing was key to transforming Ferguson’s campus recruiting efforts, expanding their national reach while saving time and upping the quality of hire for them. You can read all about their story in Ferguson’s case study.


Gain the Edge in Talent Acquisition

According to NACE, more than two-thirds of survey respondents expect to increase or maintain current hiring levels for the Class of 2016. Now is the time to upgrade your college recruiting by integrating video interviewing into your hiring process. With this innovative technology on board, you can expand your workforce with the college grads who best fit your culture and talent needs.