Spring is just around the corner, and in many organizations, college recruiting is ramping up.  According to NACE’s Job Outlook 2016 survey, more than two-thirds of employers in several industries reported firm or tentative plans for spring 2016 on-campus recruiting. With the employment rate for recent college grads at an all-time low since 2010, recruitment teams will find themselves in a struggle to sign on the top young stars. How can you expend less energy on college hiring and still deliver results? By harnessing the power of video interviewing technology.

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If Your Firm Hires College Grads by the Thousands…

If you’re a car rental company, a Big 10 accounting firm, the FBI or U.S. Customs & Border Protection, it’s likely you’re looking for at least 2,000 grads this year, if not more. Last year alone, EY made 5,000 entry level hires. When your college hiring is high volume, video interviewing technology can deliver significant efficiencies in the pre-screening process.  Your team can invite an unlimited number of candidates to complete an on-demand video interview directly from a single email or via social media. Ask candidates to answer job-related questions, or set up short problem-solving scenarios to see how they respond. With Montage’s purpose-built video interviewing solution, you have question-level configurability to ensure you get high quality information with each response. Candidates complete the on-demand interview via smart phone, tablet or PC, at their convenience. For many Montage clients, it’s not unusual to have a pool of responses ready to review within 24 hours of the invitation. From there, it’s simple for the team to review each candidate and push the most promising forward in the hiring process.  Pre-screening with on-demand video interviewing is the most efficient way to identify and connect with a large number of top performers.

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If Your Company Just Needs a Few College Grads…

Maybe your firm just needs a handful of bright young minds this year. Why crisscross the country or even travel within your state when you can connect with college students via live video interview right from your smart phone? Invite top prospects to a live panel video interview and treat your hiring managers to an easy way they can participate more fully in finding their new employee, without disrupting their schedule. With this innovative technology, you’ll also make a lasting impression on the students. They can meet a potential new manager, see their actual work environment, and speak with current employees in the same or similar role. Video interviewing just may sway them your way if they receive multiple offers. There’s no need to ramp up your college recruiting – find who you need with appropriate time, effort and cost using video interviewing.

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If Your Organization Seeks Interns……

For many companies, internships are a proven talent acquisition strategy. According to NACE’s 2015 Internship & Co-Op survey, 71% of respondents say the primary purpose of their internship program is to convert students into full-time, entry-level employees. Why not screen and select your interns with the same robust process you use with new hires?  Video interviewing makes it possible to efficiently screen, interview and hire the most promising students for internship programs using the same technology many companies already have on board for their permanent hiring.

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Video Interviewing Becomes a Best Practice in College Hiring

Video interviewing helps companies manage the logistics of college hiring and use their employer brand to the greatest advantage. There’s no question that video interviewing provides value at every step of the hiring process. If you’d like to learn more about video interviewing as a best practice in college hiring, schedule a virtual demonstration. Contact us today!


Michele Ellner is the Director of Marketing for Montage and has worked closely with recruiters and talent acquisition professionals throughout her career. She markets for the most mature video interviewing solution available, purpose-built to transform the hiring experience one smile at a time. Michele has focused her career on talent acquisition technology, staffing, HR services and outsourcing for over 20 years. Reach Michele at michele.ellner@montagetalent.com or follow her @ellnerellner.