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Client Appreciation Week Spotlight: Humana

By Stephanie Weigel, Director of Client Management

I’ve had the honor of working with Humana for a year and a half now, although they have been a Modern Hire client for a decade. What makes working with Humana so special is how much we understand and value each other.

Humana understands the value that Modern Hire brings to their hiring process and is our champion up to all levels of leadership. They understand that Modern Hire makes their lives easier and makes the day-to-day of their hiring easier. They also care deeply about their fellow colleagues, as well as their Modern Hire partners. They always start the meetings on a personal level, with a range of conversations from the price of chicken strips at Dairy Queen, to discussing how hard it can be when we lose parents or loved ones.

If I could hold up one example of something Humana does well, it’s their Champions program. Individuals from different parts of the business commit to a one-year term, where they become the subject matter experience in an aspect of Modern Hire, for example, on-demand text or live video interviews. Those individuals are then the “go-to” people at Humana. We hold a monthly Modern Hire Champion call, where the Modern Hire account team and Humana team share key updates with the Champions. It also gives those Champions time to ask any questions or bring up any concerns or issues directly to Modern Hire. What makes the Champions team so effective is the breadth of knowledge it inspires across the team, and the sense of ownership it gives different team members in Humana as well.

Humana has been a great client from the time I became their Client Success Manager. Having worked together now for some time, they know they can reach me any time, that I’m always there to help them get the most out of Modern Hire, and will be very honest if I think they need to do something different – and they trust that if I’m moving them in a different direction, it’s for their best interest.

Humana makes working with them easy – they trust the process and explicitly understand how to use Modern Hire in a way that drives continuous value for their organization. But the main thing they’ve given Modern Hire is a reputation as a great customer and partner. They are the client that if you need a “pick me up,” you just need to get on a call with them.