The Changing Role of Healthcare Human Resources #ASHHRA17

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The schedule at next month’s American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA) conference in Seattle is packed with valuable sessions on every aspect of HR in healthcare. What caught my eye was the theme: The Changing Role of Healthcare Human Resources. There’s no debate that with the constant shifting in patient populations, workforce demographics, legislation, and new technologies that healthcare human resources is changing. But, is this industry being reshaped by external forces, or are we driving the transformation?

Perspective on Disruptive Technology

As a leader in video interviewing technology, Modern Hire has more than once introduced what’s been termed “disruptive technology.” Our configurable on-demand video interviewing and SMS texting functionality are just two examples. The term disruptive technology implies an external force working on an industry – in this case on talent acquisition – to change the way things are done. But seen from the inside, the way our clients utilize our technology, it’s definitely humans driving the change. Our clients really get excited about ways they can modernize their recruitment process by integrating our solution into their hiring workflow. So do we!

Why Video Interviewing Makes Sense for Healthcare Human Resources Recruiting

Healthcare represents more than 30% of our client base, and we continue to see adoption of video and voice interviewing grow across this industry. That growth isn’t surprising when you examine the reasons why:

  • Video and voice interviewing helps move the needle on essential healthcare TA metrics like time-to-fill and cost-per-hire;
  • Healthcare TA teams rely on it to win in an extremely competitive market by quickly identifying skilled nurses, home health aides and other healthcare talent able to meet their standard of excellence in patient care and most likely to stay with the organization;
  • They can reach and engage specific candidate groups, like recently graduated RNs, or skilled nurses who would rather work part-time than retire; and
  • Innovative functionality like self-scheduling and mobile access help them be more responsive to the modern candidate.

Video and voice interviewing platforms also help TA teams bring a human touch to hiring at a time when their ability to balance personal candidate interaction with efficiency can determine whether or not they meet their organization’s hiring demands. TA leaders are purposefully transforming their hiring processes to be more responsive to candidates and their organizations, and technologies like video interviewing play a unique and vital role in achieving that goal.

If you’d like to learn more about how and why healthcare TA leaders are using video and voice interviewing we recommend downloading The Double Standard in Healthcare Hiring, a summary of eye-opening research about job seekers’ higher expectations for the hiring experience in healthcare organizations.

If you’ll be at ASHHRA in September, let’s set up a time to talk one-on-one. I’d love to learn about your healthcare recruiting challenges. Please give me a call or reach out by email and we’ll get that time scheduled. I look forward to meeting with you.

Martine Schumacher oversees clients’ ongoing ROI with Modern Hire’s purpose-built video and voice interviewing platform. Working exclusively with large enterprise clients in healthcare, she stays current on talent acquisition trends in the industry. Martine holds a PHR certification and a BBA in human resource management. With this background and more than a decade of recruiting experience, she offers a unique perspective on hiring.