Candidates Want MORE In The Experience Economy

Modern Hire

The experience economy is changing the way businesses interact with customers, clients, and candidates. Today, companies need to create memorable experiences for everyone interacting with its brand.

The best one-word summary of the experience economy for businesses to remember is MORE: more engaging, more informative, more interactive, more immersive, more complete.

So, it’s only fitting that in the experience economy job candidates want more from the hiring process, too.

Candidates applying for employment in your organization, like anyone else, expect a memorable experience. They want to look inside the organization, sample some of the tasks associated with the job, get a feel for the work environment, and experience some of the problem-solving and decision-making scenarios they will face. Now, you can give them that.

The Virtual Job Tryout is a custom simulation for pre-employment testing. Candidates get to take the job for a test drive. In doing so, they learn a lot about the position, your organization, and corporate culture. Moreover, the work sample they provide allows you to learn a great deal about them at the same time.

Forward-thinking organizations know that job candidates need more from the hiring process than the outdated, traditional application route. Those same organizations are seeing immense, measurable benefit from implementing an outcome driven, AI enabled, candidate-centric assessment.

Lisa Bisaccia is the Executive Vice President and CHRO of CVS Health. As a Modern Hire client and Human Resource Management Impact Award winner, Bisaccia explains a few of the significant incentives for using scientifically-backed assessments for CVS hiring.

“Being able to quickly and efficiently hire great people to serve [CVS customers] is critical to our success. Since we launched our interactive assessments in 2015, we’ve screened out half a million applicants and saved about 40 years of hiring manager time. And that doesn’t include the hours saved in on-boarding, training, coaching, and replacing poor hires.”

Mark Proulx, Senior Vice President, PBM Operations, says the CVS Customer Care Virtual Job Tryout allows the candidates to be in control and get more from the application process. “The beauty of this assessment is that applicants immediately get a clear picture of what the job entails, and can decide for themselves is this the right fit?”

“We’ve seen measurable improvements in performance, training, new hire retention, and operational outcomes such as reduced hold times, call transfers, and callbacks. These measures of service are critical in retaining our customers business and trust.”

Offering your candidates more from the hiring process doesn’t have to be laborious or unpleasant. In fact, with the right assessment, it can be greatly simplified. Modern Hire provides predictive talent intelligence that helps companies improve the quality of hire, reduce turnover, create recruiting efficiencies, and deliver a better hiring experience. What can Modern Hire do for your organization?