Video Interviewing Research: Candidates in Switzerland

Nov 26, 2018
getting the most out of new hires

This spotlight’s data derives from over 500 respondents in Switzerland who completed an optional survey up to February 2019.

The Candidate Experience

  • 99% found the software easy to use
  • 93% satisfaction with the candidate experience
  • 93% felt sufficiently informed about what was required

Video Interview Completion Specifics

  • 17% completed the video interview on a mobile device
  • 94% finished the video interview at home
  • 52% completed their video interview in their native language

Other Key Findings from Switzerland

  • 16% had completed an automated video interview in the past
  • 92% thought it is fairer to have more than one person assess their interview
  • 80% would complete a video interview again
  • ‘Choosing the time’ and ‘Gaining the experience’ emerged as the key benefits

Candidate Feedback: Switzerland

“I appreciated the format of the interview. It seems so fair because it is recorded so staff can compare the candidates’ answers. It is more relaxing because you can plan it when it suits you.” 

“Having been a hiring manager, I think this method adds value to the employer and helps to identify suitable candidates objectively. CV screening alone does not help shortlist.”

“It was extremely professional and user friendly.”

“Really cool! It’s my first time to do this kind of interview, and I find it to be super-efficient.”

Respondent Demographics: Switzerland

  • 66% of respondents were under 35 years of age
  • 40% Male and 60% Female
  • Wide variety of roles, including Sales/Marketing/Retail, Finance, Admin/HR, Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals, and Engineering/Science.

This research spotlight was first published in the Sonru Video Interviewing library, which published contributions and research from Sonru clients and candidates between 2010 and 2020.