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Candidates: Are you interviewing and need support?

Candidates, Show Them What You’re Made Of!

Life-changing moments happened for many people in this past year. You may be one of the millions who has decided there’s no reason to wait any longer to take a chance on finding your dream job – or at least a new opportunity that gets you excited to start your workday again.  In March, the rate of private-sector employees voluntarily quitting their job matched a 20-year high, signaling that people have become more selective in the jobs they want to hold. In addition, the rise of remote work has created new career possibilities no longer limited by geography. So it’s a great time to be a job candidate.

Good news about pre-employment assessments

There’s another reason why now is an ideal time for job seekers: Advanced pre-employment assessments can help you, and your recruiter determine if you’re a good fit for that dream job. Lack of prior work experience doesn’t have to be a barrier since pre-hire assessments like Modern Hire evaluate core competencies specific to success in that job. Core competencies are a blend of skills, knowledge, and personality traits. Examples can include:

  • adapts to change
  • follows the rules and procedures
  • produces quality work
  • drives for results

Each job has its own blend of competencies. You may have the core competencies needed for your dream job even if you’ve never done it before, and validated pre-hire assessments will demonstrate this. The same holds for types of roles that are relatively new, such as telehealth professional. As exciting as your dream job sounds, wouldn’t you like to know in advance if you are likely to succeed?

That’s precisely what Modern Hire’s pre-hire assessments do – they predict candidates’ future success. They leverage CognitIOn by Modern HireTM, the most profound and broadest talent intelligence in the market. CognitIOn is built using a scientific understanding of what drives human behavior combined with the practical application of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) techniques and almost two decades of diligent, data-driven client research and practice. When you participate in a Modern Hire pre-employment assessment (known as a Virtual Job Tryout), the data collected is examined according to a proven model for that job using advanced analytics. As a result, your score is data that both you and your recruiter can trust as accurate in predicting on-the-job success.

Controlling bias

There’s another advantage for job seekers with pre-hire assessments like Modern Hire: massively reducing bias. Bias is a prejudice for or against something not based on reason or actual experience. As hard as people try to be objective in their thinking and decisions, it is nearly impossible to remove human bias without the aid of AI. Virtual Job Tryouts are designed to control bias, so the hiring process you’re in is fairer and focused on your job-relevant competencies.

What to expect with a Virtual Job Tryout

Your Modern Hire’s Virtual Job Tryout will include

  • a realistic job preview,
  • simulated tasks, and
  • job-relevant exercises that give you a sense of the benefits and the challenges of the job.

At the same time, you’ll have many opportunities to show them what you’re made of! Your experience with this pre-hire assessment can help you make an informed decision about pursuing this job further and about accepting a job offer.

Participation in Modern Hire Virtual Job Tryouts is virtual and can be done on your preferred device. The Tryouts are often paired with an on-demand video interview. You’ll receive an invite by email or text to participate in the interview and assessments. Using the Modern Hire platform, you’ll be able to record your answers to pre-recorded interview questions. With Modern Hire, the combined interview and assessment is a back-to-back experience that’s seamless and convenient for job seekers like you.

Focus on the candidate’s experience

Even if your potential new employer isn’t utilizing the Modern Hire platform, chances are you will have opportunities to present yourself well for the position. Employers understand that this is a critical aspect of the hiring experience for candidates. With a workforce shortage already taking shape on the horizon, employers are looking for every opportunity to create hiring experiences that provide value to candidates and enable them to showcase their skills and interest. You can also expect more opportunities to give and receive feedback during the hiring process.

Today’s hiring experience is different than it was just a year ago. But, in many respects, there is more value for job seekers, from deeper insights into the role and organization through data-driven assessments to a fairer candidate selection process. And, more opportunity to demonstrate you are the best person for the job. 

If you’d like to know more about what to expect during a digital interview and ways you can prepare, take a look at this blog.