Candidate Experience is Top 2018 Priority for TA Leaders

June 19, 2018    |    1.5 minutes read

Modern Hire

A new study indicates large-enterprise TA leaders are concentrating heavily on candidate experience this year. In an independent study recently released by Modern Hire, TA leaders at the director level and above were asked to rank their 2018 initiatives by order of importance to their organization’s strategy. Though candidate experience, diversity and inclusion, predicting future performance were given high-priority scores most often, candidate experience was clearly identified by TA decision-makers as their single most important initiative.

Respecting Candidates Across the Hiring Life Cycle

In the study of U.S based employers, 75% of TA leaders represented organizations with 3,000 or more employees. Nearly a third (29%) lead TA in organizations with 10,000+ employees. When queried about areas of the hiring process they’re looking to improve in order to better their candidate experience, respondents indicated every step in the hiring lifecycle. When diving deeper into this question, data shows that large-enterprises are ready and want to make the change, however, they worry about disruption or aren’t sure where to focus improvement efforts for maximum value.

When asked to define a positive candidate experience, TA decision-makers identified many factors, including a positive candidate impression, clear expectations, and continuous candidate engagement.

What Does a Positive Candidate Experience Look Like?

In 2018, leading TA teams are shifting from highly transactional recruiting to hiring that is candidate-centric and relationship-based. The range of responses from TA leaders when asked to define a positive candidate experience reflects this best-practice trend. For some, seamless contact with candidates, every step of the way is fundamental to a creating a positive experience. Other TA decision-makers defined it in terms of the way candidates feel – respected, welcomed and listened to. Still, others focused on the process itself, identifying simple, easy and transparent as key attributes.

It’s clear that TA leaders believe many factors go into a candidate-centric experience.

Barriers to Goals

Many of the common pain points TA leaders struggle with, from low budgets to lack of experienced staff, were also pinpointed as roadblocks to candidate experience goals. Some identified the need for increased organizational support to improve their candidate experience. Others are dealing with barriers which could be eliminated with modern HR technologies.

Benchmark Your 2018 Plan

To see how your 2018 priorities measure up against TA strategies in other leading organizations, get the full report. The study explored TA decision-makers’ use of artificial intelligence (AI), assessments and predictive technologies in addition to candidate experience.

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