Candidate Experience to Take Center Stage at HCI

Modern Hire is fortunate to have a presence at many essential industry events for TA leaders this year, including HCI’s Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference June 26-28 in Boston. We certainly appreciate the give-and-take of information and insights shaping the future of recruitment and hiring. With nearly two quarters and several key conferences already come and gone, one trend we continue to see stand out is the fundamental value of a good candidate experience. It’s not possible to overemphasize its importance when we talk about hiring performance and results.

Customer-Centric = Candidate-Centric

The candidate experience has been on everyone’s radar for quite some time now. Just a peek at HCI’s 2017 Strategic TA Conference theme confirms it: Customer-Centric TA: Deliver Exceptional Service to the Candidate, Hiring Manager and the Business. Much has changed in recent years in the candidate-employer relationship, and the new realities are well-reflected in this theme.

Fortunately, with TalentBoard’s CandE Awards benchmarking program and other research efforts, our ability to understand the hiring experience from the candidate’s perspective is growing. The most recent CandE research report contains compelling insights, including the high value talented job applicants place on opportunities to put their best foot forward, and reasons why candidates often find the screening step in the hiring process so intimidating. For highlights of this year’s report, please take a few moments with our CandE blog series.

What a Poor Candidate Experience Today Means for Tomorrow

Not every organization has upped their game with their candidate experience, of course. Competing priorities are a way of life in talent acquisition, and for some, a better candidate experience hasn’t yet made the cost-benefit cut. They may be ok with a ‘B’ candidate, or unaware of their company’s reviews on Glassdoor. They may not be thinking about the impact of a poor candidate experience over the long term.

The fact is, a poor candidate experience can significantly reduce both the quantity and quality of candidates in a company’s talent pipeline very quickly. And when that happens, there are few people to be interviewed, and even fewer choices for the short list. This context puts a whole new emphasis on the importance of creating and maintaining a candidate-centric hiring process.

We’re looking forward to the conference in Boston, and a panel discussion featuring Modern Hire clients. The TA leaders at these client organizations are top-notch, and they have some interesting insights to share about the business impact of a poor candidate experience – and a great one. They’ll cover ways they’ve crafted a consistently positive candidate experience, how communication plays a key role, and the technology they use to support their high-touch interaction with talent. In these organizations, the candidate experience is tied directly to the bottom line. As our audience in Boston will discover, what you don’t know about your hiring process from the candidate’s perspective really can hurt you. We hope you’ll join us at HCI’s Strategic TA Conference later this month.