CandE Data Gives an Important Voice to Candidates

Last week Talent Board Co-Founder and Chairman Elaine Orler revealed some lessons learned from the most recent CandE research. This annual research and awards program aims to help employers improve the candidate experience by evaluating how companies and candidates engage during the hiring process. The data for North America is comprised of confidential survey responses from more than 200 companies and 130,000 candidates. Modern Hire has been a program sponsor for several years now.

This year’s data contains interesting, highly current insight into candidates’ perspectives and behavior during a job search. Consider:

  • Only 50% of Baby Boomers report having no relationship with the company when they began the hiring process. That number drops to 42% for Millennials, and 29% for Generation Z (born after 1996). These numbers really speak to the increasing influence of company brand in hiring.
  • The two most common reasons candidates abandon a hiring process are 1) they took a job with another company, and 2) time was disrespected during their appointments or interviews. Speed really is of the essence in hiring, in several ways. Most candidates reported that it took 30 to 60 minutes to complete the forms for the application process.

These are valuable insights for any TA team, whether they are looking to refresh an entire hiring process or just make a few tweaks as part of their ongoing improvement of the candidate experience. Download the report.

Majority of CandE Winners Use Video Interviewing

The CandE data revealed another interesting point: The number of CandE winners that use video interviewing has grown each year to 75% in this last survey. As in past years, we are thrilled to see that several of our clients were honored with this year’s awards, including Shaw, Humana, Colorado Springs Utilities, ManpowerGroup, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota.

For our latest white paper, we examined what sets these award-winning organizations apart. We found that it doesn’t take drastic change to improve the candidate experience. Rather, these organizations have focused on enhancing core recruiting capabilities in the areas of candidate communication, screening and interviewing, and process efficiency. And, they are using purpose-built video interviewing software to support improvements in all three areas. For more on ways these leading companies have strengthened their interaction and engagement with top talent, download A Winning Candidate Experience: A Step Ahead with Video Interviewing.

Register Now for the 2016 Candidate Experience Awards and Benchmark Program

Many of our clients have found that the CandE program is a great starting point for improving their hiring process. Participation in the Candidate Awards and Research process requires time, but there is no cost, and employers have much to gain, including:

  • Confidential benchmarking data that compares their practices against the aggregate of all participating companies.
  • A confidential candidate survey developed by Talent Board and administered by the participating employers directly.
  • Access to industry peers and experts on the candidate experience.

It’s also a risk-free tool for improvement since only the identity of companies that win the award are disclosed. Registration for the 2016 program is still open, so take a look. It may be just the thing you need to take your hiring process to the next level.