CandE Award Winner Best Practices To Improve Hiring

Stumped on how to be more candidate-centric in your hiring? For honest answers go straight to the source – your candidates. That’s the concept behind Talent Board’s Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards and Benchmarking program.

Each year, Talent Board gets into the minds of more than 100,000 active job seekers to understand their views on best practices and problem areas in the hiring process. Participating employers provide candidate names, and benefit from benchmarking their process against their peers. This year, 130,000 candidates responded and 65 companies earned the coveted CandE Award for the highest positive candidate ratings. To improve your hiring, try making some of these CandE Award winner best practices your own.

1. Screen with Assessments. Companies are crossing the finish line first in the race for talent by zeroing in on the most qualified candidates earlier in the hiring process. Earlier identification enables recruiters to focus their time on quickly engaging better-fit candidates and allows the others to move on in their search – a better experience for all candidates whether they’re hired or not.

Until recently, scaling assessments for the larger volume of candidates at the top of the funnel has been a barrier. Innovative platforms that integrate hiring assessments with on-demand video interviews solve the scalability issue. They also deliver a streamlined experience to candidates as they’re taking assessments on personality, competency, work-style, technical/coding. To ensure you’re determining accurate fit, look for proven assessments from a validated provider.

2. Let candidates know what to expect. Candidates are understandably anxious about upcoming interviews. Some advanced communication by recruiters goes a long way toward alleviating that anxiety and helping candidates to feel prepared. Items on candidates’ wish-list for pre-interview communication include a detailed agenda, and interviewer names and backgrounds. For virtual interviews, candidates would like platform information, tools and instructions provided prior to the interview. For on-premise interviews, candidates appreciate guided tours of the workplace, and being escorted between each interview. All of these strategies can make yours a more positive hiring experience.

3. Be Prompt. Punctuality counts a lot with candidates, as CandE Award winner best practices indicate. In research commissioned by Modern Hire, 80% of active job seekers say they’re left with a negative impression of the company if the interviewer is more than 10 minutes late. And the negative impact doesn’t end there. According to the latest Talent Board research, feeling their time was disrespected tops the list of reasons candidates withdraw from the hiring process. To deploy this CandE Award winner best practice in your organization, build in a few extra minutes between interviews, and share with hiring managers the reasons why they need to make punctuality a priority.

Benchmark against CandE Award Winners

4. Value feedback more. Like punctuality, feedback is a CandE Award winner best practice with a big influence on candidate experience. According to Talent Board’s research, candidates are 52% more likely to increase their relationship with a company if they receive job-related feedback the same day as their interview. There’s an opportunity for you here: Candidates crave feedback, but most aren’t getting it. Try a pilot program with a few recruiters on your team for calling, texting or emailing candidates with feedback the same day and track impact.

And, take advantage of candidates’ willingness to give you feedback, too. When you invite their comments by email or online surveys, good intel on your candidate experience will begin rolling in.

5. Tell them what’s next. You’re filling open positions all day long, but candidates are anxiously awaiting that one call from you that signals their job search is done. You can reduce their anxiety and improve their hiring experience by communicating the same day as the interview about next steps and what they can expect in the next few days or weeks with your hiring process.

6. Don’t leave candidates hanging. Providing candidates with closure is one CandE Award winner best practice that’s been a consistent advantage for the winners year after year. Still, nearly half (46%) of candidates indicated they had not heard back from employers two months after they applied.

Letting candidates know you are no longer pursuing them demonstrates your respect for them. It also influences candidates’ perception of process fairness, another area where CandE Award winners excel. Some CandE winners now use on-demand text interviews to pre-qualify candidates and provide polite, immediate closure to those who don’t meet basic job requirements.

7. Keep engagement going. When you uncover great candidates who aren’t the first choice for today’s open position, keep building your relationship with them. They may be your first choice for a position down the road. Since you’ve already taken them part of the way through your hiring process once, you may be able to advance them more quickly with less work on your part the next time around.

Whether you try some or all of these CandE Award winner best practices, you’re sure to enhance the hiring experience candidates have with your organization. And they’ll tell their friends and family, who’ll tell their friends and family, and so on.

You can benchmark your own candidate experience against CandE Award winner best practices with our 3-minute interactive quiz. Take the quiz now and get immediate results.