Are You Doing All You Can to Determine Right Fit?

Personality assessments are old news, right? I mean, 89% of the Fortune 500 use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to evaluate their new hires. They’ve been doing so for years. Personality assessments are even in use in middle schools these days to help teens start to explore their career interests. However, there’s a new and growing application: assessment of job candidates. Business advisory company CEB reports that 62% of human resources professionals are using personality assessments to vet candidates in the hiring process. If your organization doesn’t use pre-hire personality assessments, now may be the time to explore them.  A purpose-built video interviewing solution like Modern Hire’s platform could be your easy entry into this hiring practice.

One More Piece of the Puzzle

Skills, aptitude, job knowledge. These are the essential components of evaluation during the hiring process. Recruiters and hiring managers have all manner of assessments and interview questions to get to the heart of these essentials, and job candidates know to expect it during the hiring process.

Personality is an essential component of the overall evaluation too, but it’s only recently that talent acquisition began using formal personality assessments in the hiring work flow. Why the new interest? I can think of at least two reasons:

  • A bad hire is expensive. The cost of a poor hiring decision varies by company, but according to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average cost of a poor hire is 30% of that person’s annual salary. SHRM estimates the cost of a bad hire as up to five times that new hire’s salary. Wherever your company falls, it’s an expense you’d rather not have to pay.
  • Collaboration is the new norm. The increasingly complex world of business calls for problem-solving and growth initiatives across teams, business units and global enterprise. Teams perform better when personalities mesh, or at least don’t clash. If an open position involves a lot of time spent working in teams, the time to find out if someone will complement the group is before a job offer is extended.

Understanding personality sheds light on how a job candidate engages in problem-solving, makes decisions, relates to certain types of people, and more. With access to this type of information as part of the overall evaluation, recruiters and hiring managers can make more well-informed decisions about candidates’ fit for specific roles and the organization.

Add Personality Assessments to Your Work Flow with Video Interviewing

Modern Hire’s video interviewing solution delivers a unique personality assessment as part of your interview work flow. Powered by the science of Traitify, our visual personality assessment is mobile-friendly and highly engaging for candidates. It is a simple, fast, game-like experience which allows our clients to explore personality in a way that is both fun and relaxed for candidates. By revealing individual personality traits and types, we help recruiters gain deeper insights into candidates’ personality in order to ensure they are a complementary fit to the existing organization and team culture.

Our visual personality assessment is part of Modern Hire’s commitment to continuously innovate in order to transform the hiring experience forever. If you’d like to learn more about our assessment’s capabilities and potential fit with your hiring work flow, please contact us today.


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