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How to Make a ‘GOAT’ Campus Recruiting Strategy

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College seniors will soon walk across the stage to receive their degrees, and next, take the first big step of their careers.

For today’s recruiters, there’s critical work to do before the commencement to meet the all-new expectations of college grads, and make a particular organization stand out among the pack. It’s about maximizing the value of time spent on campus – for the recruiter and the candidates alike, and determining if there’s a mutual fit before having an on-site conversation.

With the help of text messaging, video interviews and other emerging tech, recruiters and candidates can meet for the first time, and share a certain confidence – that the recruiter has a strong impression of the candidate; and the candidate of the company.

Watch the webcast with Steven Rothberg, President and Founder of College Recruiter, as he shares expert-level insight on campus recruiting for the modern candidate.

Attendees will learn about the following:

  • An inside look at modern candidates’ expectations
  • The latest technologies and workflow automation, and how to utilize them
  • Tactics lean recruiting teams can use to drive speed and efficiency
  • Ensuring AI tech is ethical and candidate centric