Is Your Campus Recruiting a Bit of March Madness?

For college recruiters, the month of March isn’t about March Madness. You’re either in the midst of intense recruiting campaigns or just wrapping those up. Every campus visit requires huge amounts of prep time to get the most from the hours you actually spend on site, yet time is typically in short supply for recruiters. Getting your pre-visit process more organized and using it consistently can help you become more efficient and avoid a March Madness of your own.

Here are a few steps to take before you set foot on campus:

  • Make a template of tasks and a timeline for what needs to be done for most campus visits. It will include steps like contacting the college’s career department, making travel arrangements, setting up meetings and interviews, creating a list of any recruiting materials needed, updating your presentation, and more. Make it as inclusive as possible so it’s easy to highlight the tasks you need for any particular campus visit.
  • Cultivate your on-campus relationships off site. Connect with campus careers contacts, advisors, and key professors via phone or email. Don’t forget coaches as part of your network. With some of these initial introductions and conversations already taken care of, your face-to-face meetings on campus can more productive in less time.
  • Market your visit in advance to students in your database via social media. If you will have a table at a careers fair happening on campus or you plan to host an information session about your company and potential entry-level roles, invite students to stop by and bring a friend. You can also develop a plan to use social media while on campus to attract more students.
  • Take advantage of the university’s communication channels for promoting your visit, including its website, student newspaper, text lists, and schedules/guides published by the careers department.
  • Invest in cool company swag. What college student wouldn’t want a t-shirt, water bottle, or Frisbee if it’s both cool and free? There’s also a wide range of affordable phone accessories you could hand out, including media station phone charger holders and self-adhesive student id/credit card pockets for phones. The trick is branding it stylishly, so students are proud to carry your swag all over campus.
  • Use the 80/20 rule. If most your successful new hires have historically come from a handful of colleges, consider putting more resources into your visit to those two to three schools. Build greater awareness by bringing an expert from your company along to speak about a topic students and soon-to-be professionals would find of interest. Or, invite students to participate in a simple competition.
  • Automate scheduling. If your TA team has a video interviewing platform in-house that’s designed for hiring, you can use the scheduling function to reduce your time spent on administrative work. Set up interview slots or spots at your information session, then invite students via email to self-select the activities and time slots that work for them.

These are just a few of the ways you can streamline the work involved in college recruiting, and set yourself up for success with every campus visit you make to avoid a March Madness of your own. For more ideas on improving your recruiting performance, subscribe to our blog.