How Do Top Businesses Deal with Competition for Talent?

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Modern Hire

There’s always been intense competition for talent, but with the highest number of open jobs in the U.S. nearly two decades, every candidate is in demand. Recruiters may not be able to solve the talent shortage, but they can flex their candidate pools and talent pipelines in innovative ways with technology to be more competitive in hiring.

Here are five ways recruiters are using integrated interviewing platforms and other technologies to drive new strategies and reimagine their hiring workflows:

  1. Making more informed decisions at the top of the funnel: In retail, competition for talent is fierce for sales associates, cashiers and supervisory staff, while candidate flow is nowhere near where recruiters would like it to be. Rather than rule candidates out based simply on their application or resume, many retail organizations use on-demand video interviews to get to know candidates more efficiently. On-demand videos give candidates a chance to shine and save hiring managers from time-consuming phone screens. Though they’re still getting the same number of applications, retail organizations are expanding their top-of-funnel candidate pool and making more informed decisions about candidates they’d like to pursue.
  2. Engaging candidates before they apply: There’s never been an easier time for candidates to explore a job change, and many organizations are hoping to catch job seekers’ interest even before they apply. In the last year alone, the use of chatbots on careers sites jumped by 69%. TA teams are using chatbots to respond to job seekers’ questions 24/7 to get a leg up on the competition for talent. They’re also using live chat to connect recruiters with job seekers checking out their site. Candidates get near-immediate access to information that may influence them to take the next step to apply. Recruiters start building positive connections with potential candidates earlier than ever.
  3. Building brand connection with college candidates: Before college recruiters set foot on campus these days, many hold virtual hiring events to increase brand awareness and engagement and reach a wider college talent pool across more institutions. They’re also inviting students to complete on-demand video, voice and text interviews on their mobile device, at their convenience. The strong connections recruiters build will give them an edge over the competition when students are ready to accept job offers, especially with Gen Z, a highly brand-conscious generation.
  4. Reducing barriers to smarter hiring: Unconscious bias in interviewing can narrow a talent pool to the detriment of both candidates and employers. TA teams are using Modern Hire’s Unbiased Candidate Review capabilities to reduce the risk of unconscious bias, improve hiring process consistency and fairness, and increase transparency for candidates. Unbiased Candidate Review conceals the candidate’s identity and voice until after the hiring manager enters feedback and a yes/no decision to advance the candidate is recorded in Modern Hire’s platform. Learn more.
  5. Accelerating hiring with automated scheduling: Seasonal hiring can be especially competitive because of short time-to-fill windows and a high volume of open positions. For one global logistics company, having more than 700 locations makes seasonal hiring even more complex. The TA team solved the challenge with automated scheduling. More than 80,000 candidates were invited to self-schedule their interview after completing their application. Two-thirds (66%) locked in their interview time within 24 hours. The organization’s recruiters were freed up to start interviewing faster and make offers sooner.

Recruiters across industries are using automated scheduling to give candidates convenience and control in hiring process. With Modern Hire’s platform, recruiters can invite candidates to self-schedule online, or use the AI-enabled chatbot to create an even more personalized scheduling experience for candidates.

Automated interview scheduling is one of the most in-demand hiring technologies this year. To discover how you can identify the right scheduling solution and deploy it in your recruiting process to successfully accelerate hiring, download our guide.