Building the Better Candidate Experience for College Grads

   |    2 minutes read

Jan 18, 2018
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In a few short months, nearly 1.8 million new college graduates will flood the talent market. Cultural fit is extremely important to the class of 2018. Here are some simple tips to make sure your brand and culture match your candidate experience for college grads.

Boost your employer brand online for a better candidate experience for college grads

Students are researching your organization as they decide whether or not apply – what message will they take away? Review your careers site, your LinkedIn company profile and social presence to make sure content speaks to the younger generations and is consistent. Learning opportunities, the chance to make an impact, flexibility and work environment are all priorities for Millennial and Gen Z candidates, so include content that will answer their questions in these areas.

Bring your employer brand into job descriptions

Student candidates may not click through your entire careers site, but you can be sure they’ll view your job descriptions. Get more value from this type of content by weaving in your employer brand message. Keep essential info like skills required, but add details that help candidates see themselves working in the role, at your organization.

Engage them with technology

New graduates grew up interacting with the world via mobile. They’re used to consumer experiences made faster and easier by technology. You’ll engage this talent group more successfully if you integrate HR tech in hiring that can deliver quick and simple. On-demand text interviews and intelligent interview scheduling are just two examples of HR tech that can help you quickly modernize your candidate experience for college grads and elevate your employer brand.

Support new grads in marketing themselves

TalentBoard’s CandE research indicates candidates of all ages have a more positive experience when they’re given opportunities to present themselves well. Though new grads won’t have prior job performance to talk about, it’s likely they’ve been working hard to develop experience via internships, volunteer work, skill-building school clubs and more. It takes just a few small tweaks in hiring to recognize this difference, but that recognition will pay off in a big way: Your hiring process will feel more personal and make a better impression.

Give them access to current employees

In their quest to get a feel for your company, student candidates want to hear directly from your current employees. Add employee videos to your careers site and in your hiring process. Give them time with a potential teammate to ask questions and understand your culture.

Encourage them to share you with friends

Younger generations are used to sharing opinions and consulting with friends on social. If they’re excited about you as an employer, they’ll want to share that experience as well. Make sure your organization has a strong social presence, and leverage it to encourage candidate referrals. Then, keep that sharing going with a strong employee referral program.