Ways That You Can Break Up That Hiring Bottleneck

   |    3 minutes read

Modern Hire

Recently, studies have shown that the average time to hire is on the rise in the U.S. Heavy workloads, collaborative TA processes and other factors may be adding time to your hiring bottleneck but, in this candidate-driven job market, can you really afford to be so poky? A recent study found that 47% of rejected job offers were due to candidates accepting another job. What if you’re losing out on top candidates because your competitors are scooping them up? If your talent acquisition could stand streamlining, there are many approaches you can take for improvement, including use of video interviewing technology. Here are just three of the ways you can start to break up the hiring bottleneck in different parts of your hiring process:


  1. SLAs with Hiring Managers. You may be the fastest recruiter in town, on top of job postings and pre-screening practically before the req even hits your inbox. But, if your hiring manager takes days to review your shortlist, or weeks to interview just a few candidates, your process is bound to be slow and you will have a hiring bottleneck. And, you’re not providing an optimal experience for your candidates. Putting a Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place with your hiring managers may help to change their behavior. Use it to clearly define acceptable timelines and bring accountability to your hiring manager clients for their part in the process.
  2. Use Technology to Solve Scheduling Issues. In some situations, especially high-volume hiring, the slowdown may occur as you schedule candidates for screening. To break up this kind of bottleneck, Modern Hire first introduced the candidate self-scheduling feature in its video interviewing platform. Recruiters were able to designate time slots when interviewers were available, then invite candidates to self-schedule in the slot most convenient for them. The enhancement of this feature (now called Event Manager) streamlines scheduling even further. Recruiters can set up multiple interview appointment times with multiple teams of interviewers. They can also designate titles of interviewers needed for a particular interviewing team rather than individuals. Candidates still self-select their slot, but now recruiters can efficiently see where the bottleneck is happening and add more interviewers to fill a certain title on the interviewing team, which opens up more slots.
  3. Make it a Friction-less Process. Consider bringing purpose-built video interviewing technology into your organization to help reduce friction in your hiring bottleneck. These platforms offer multiple ways to bypass delays without sacrificing quality in hiring or the candidate experience:
    • On the road delays. The convenience of joining a video interview via smart phone or tablet means recruiters can pull key decision-makers into the interview even when they’re on the road or working from home. The same holds true for candidates, too. 52% of candidates complete a Modern Hire on-demand voice interview via mobile.
    • Candidate travel delays. Recruiters can cut back on the number of candidates traveling on site for interviews, which shaves a significant amount of waiting time from the TA process. Candidates are also more likely to participate in interviews sooner since they can do so without adjusting their schedules for a trip across town or to another city or state.
    • Hiring team feedback delays. Members of the team can review the same on-demand interviews (or live interviews that were recorded) simultaneously, accessing the data simply through email. Feedback can then be forwarded directly to the recruiter, or the team can meet using the same video technology right from their desktops. When everybody can access and work from the same data, collaboration goes more quickly and smoothly.
Creating Buy-In

Process improvement means change, and not everybody is ready to adapt quickly. However, if you make clear the advantages – better hiring outcomes with less time required – hopefully your team will get on board with your changes. Choosing a video platform that’s purpose-built for hiring will also help. Solutions like Modern Hire provide advantages far beyond those of a simple chat tool or web conferencing technology. If you’d like to see live or on-demand video interviewing in action, contact us for a live demo today.