NAHCR: New Solutions in Healthcare Hiring

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Jun 29, 2017

So much is changing in healthcare, and yet when it comes to recruiting, the talent shortage continues to dictate the way so much of how hiring happens. We’re looking forward to the National Association for Health Care Recruitment’s (NAHCR) 2017 IMAGE Conference July 11-14 as a source of new ideas for combatting this persistent problem. Some of these talent acquisition insights will come from Modern Hire clients, including Gwinnett Medical Center, Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha, and SSM Health in our 10:15am session on Friday, July 14 in Savannah, GA.

NAHCR Client Panel: Solve Your Workforce Shortage, Humanize Your Hiring Experience

Fair or not, candidates expect more from healthcare organizations than others during the hiring process. In independent research commissioned by Modern Hire, 68% of active job seekers surveyed agreed that healthcare employers are held to a higher standard in hiring. Job seekers’ higher expectations about how they will be treated during the hiring process really turns up the pressure for healthcare organizations. Gwinnett Medical Center, Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha, and other Modern Hire clients have found successful ways to handle it, though.

During our NAHCR panel, senior TA leaders from these organizations will share their insights about where they’ve seen this double standard manifest during the hiring process, and ways they’ve changed their hiring process in response. Their adaptations have been essential in addressing the talent shortage faced by all healthcare organizations. They will also discuss their varied strategies for communicating their employer brand messaging to candidates, and best practices for humanizing the candidate experience in ways that meet candidates’ higher expectations. We hope you’ll make plans to attend our IMAGE Conference client panel session for some valuable insights you can take back to your TA team.

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Whether you’re looking for creative new ways to improve speed to hire or quality of hire/retention, we may have some good answers for you.