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BDO Ireland


BDO is the leader in advising and funding ambitious Irish businesses, helping them grow in domestic and international markets. With offices in Dublin, Limerick, Cork, and an affiliate office in Belfast, BDO employs 625 partners and staff on Ireland’s island.

When their recruitment activity increased by 14% in 2017, BDO recognized that their process would have to be optimized if such growth was to continue. Following a critical review encompassing their Existing Process, Labour Market trends and activity, Employer Brand, and Digital innovations on the market, Video interviewing was recommended to streamline the process.

“We have introduced Video Interviewing for all vacancies in the Irish firm. Overall it has provided better alignment with HR and the business. We selected Modern Hire over several vendors because they had a proven digital platform with Plug and Play Technology. Being able to brand our account to reflect our messaging and EVP and its integration with the Taleo ATS were also factors in our decision.” – Ann Hogan, HR Director, BDO Ireland


80% Cost Savings with Revised Process

Ann maintains their “process was very standard” in which successful applicants were invited to 1st round interviews with HR and the line managers followed by a second interview.

Automated Video Interviews have replaced the 1st round interview. Video Interviewing has resulted in faster collating of data for selecting candidates for the next stage of the recruitment process and reducing the chargeable time spent on 1st round screening by 80%.

“A very conservative estimate of fees lost by line managers conducting first-round interviews would be €38,000. Video Interviewing has reduced the chargeable time spent on 1st round screening [178 chargeable hours] by 80%.” – Ann Hogan


Video interviews have resulted in smarter recruitment for BDO.

According to Ann: ‘Sometimes, when assessing a video interview, a candidate may appear to be more suitable for a different department, so I’ll ask them if they’d mind being put forward for another role. I’ve had good conversion rates there, and I might fill 2 or 3 roles with the one requisition. ” 

“Overall, you get a better ‘sense’ of the person. Video Interviewing provides an opportunity to experience a candidate’s personality and see their body language. As a result, the candidates that are being shortlisted for the face-2-face interviews are of a higher caliber than before.” – Ann Hogan

International Reach

With the labor market changes over the past decade, BDO found it increasingly challenging to fill audit roles as the candidates were not living in Ireland. With over 95% of overseas candidates’ applications, Skype was used to conduct the preliminary interviews, but poor quality lines/drop-offs combined with its inherent limitations concerning scheduling and the number of interviewers made it cumbersome. 

“Automated video interviewing has made overseas recruitment quicker, easier, and more accessible for all parties involved. The team can watch together or on their phones, or at home. We’re seeing greater a diversity of candidates given such easy access from any location and outside of standard working hours.” – Ann Hogan

Team Buy-In

BDO’s line managers’ response has been very positive, with the notes/comments and rating functionality proving particularly popular. Overall, Automated Video Interviewing was found to be “much more convenient” in how it has eliminated the time spent scheduling interviews and reduced the time spent on 1st round interviews by 80%.

“The feedback from the team has been fantastic. Since introducing Automated Video Interviewing, our Line Managers feel that the recruitment system is better aligned to their needs.” –   Ann Hogan

Feedback from Candidates

The following is derived from over 105 respondents who volunteered to complete a survey made available to all BDO Ireland candidates.

  • 100% Satisfaction with the Candidate Experience
  • 100% found the software easy to use
  • 94% would complete a video interview again
  •  24% finished the video interview also on a mobile device
  •  93% completed the video interview at home
  • 50% of respondents were aware of video interviews beforehand, and 28% had completed a video interview in the past
  • Choosing the time and overall convenience emerged as the most popular benefits of video interviewing
  • 45% completed the video interview in their native language.

“I loved the idea of having the interview at a time that suits the candidate. User friendly. Overall I had a positive experience.”

“I really enjoyed using the platform. It is easy and intuitive to use, not intimidating.”

“I thought it was an excellent idea and very progressive. It saves time and is less stressful for the candidate.”

“It was very easy to use. I am out of the country in Germany and found it very easy to use my phone to connect.”

“Very easy to use. Unlimited practice interviews are a great feature.”

“An interesting way to get through interviews as it gives the interviewee limited time to answer, so it cuts out rambling.”

“It is a great platform for the interviewers as well as interviewees.”

“I found it very good – well- explained, good pre-interview practice available and the interview itself was seamless.”