Back to School for Recruiters

Companies today must strive to develop recruiting processes that not only attract high-quality candidates but improve retention and minimize turnover.

But what happens when turnover occurs within the recruiting team?

Maintaining and developing the skills of the very people responsible for building your workforce is essential. It may be time to send your recruiters back to school or at least provide them with learning opportunities to keep them up to date on the selection science technology you have in place to deliver the best hiring decisions possible.

Modern Hire is pleased to present Modern Hire University, a series of online tutorials that demonstrate how recruiters can leverage our Virtual Job Tryout (VJT) technology to greatest effect at their organizations. From understanding what the VJT is and how to set it up, to getting useful direction on critical recruiting activities like communicating with candidates, interpreting applicant results, and using the performance rating tool in validation studies, your talent acquisition team will learn how they can recruit more effectively to improve quality of hire.

The recruiting function is characterized by constant change. And recruiters must be able to keep up with all the new ways to find, connect with, and evaluate talent. Providing them with a strategic understanding of selection science technology and the latest innovations is key to ensuring they continually refresh their skills with new strategies and best practices to source and identify the most qualified talent. When they are successful at these tasks, they are likely to be motivated and satisfied with their work and want to continue doing it.

But as with any education initiative, how it is delivered can make all the difference. What makes Modern Hire University a great learning opportunity for your recruiting team?

  • Accessibility
    Modern Hire University’s online modules are easy and convenient to use even for busy recruiters. And our tutorials’ easy-to-digest information ensures knowledge retention.
  • Availability
    Modern Hire University is available to your entire recruiting team to make sure everyone is informed and up to date with the tips and insights they need to improve how they do their jobs.
  • Consistency
    As any effective learning program should, Modern Hire University’s series of modules deliver information to ensure consistency and optimization of processes to improve both the candidate experience and recruiting outcomes.

With the right tools, you can build a team of high performers and foster an environment in which everyone (recruiters included) are eager to stay and do the best work of their careers.

So check out the videos at Modern Hire University and see how they can help your recruiting team be more successful. Ask us how you can have learning modules like these tailored for your organization. Call your relationship manager today to discuss your needs and learn your options.

If you would like access to our complete video library, please call (888.485.7633).