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How Do Assessments for Employment Change Your Candidate Experience?

If you’ve thought about using an assessment for employment in your hiring process, chances are you’re searching for a better way to identify and select candidates. Validated employment assessments can undoubtedly help you make more informed hiring decisions. If you choose an assessment for employment that integrates automation, it can also help you create efficiency in your process and scale-up for volume hiring. But will pre-hire assessments change your candidate experience?

Absolutely. Being asked to take an assessment for employment can have many benefits from the candidate’s perspective. 

One of the most important benefits is helping candidates make a good decision. There’s uncertainty in searching for a new job, and most of us worry about making the right decision. Employment assessments that offer realistic job previews and job simulation experiences can help candidates understand what it’s like to work in the role. They can see for themselves whether it’s the right step forward for them.

Assessments for employment also enable candidates to demonstrate their capabilities for the position. Talent Board’s annual candidate research has consistently indicated that job seekers want the opportunity to show they are qualified for the job. The most recent Talent Board research revealed that candidates who participate in job simulations have 25% higher satisfaction with the hiring experience.

Being able to present themselves well matters to candidates, and by using assessments for employment, recruiters gain another way to create that opportunity.

Depending on the pre-hire assessments you choose, you can improve the convenience of your hiring experience for candidates. Modern Hire’s employment assessments are integrated with on-demand interviews, and candidates participate in the interviews and assessments without changing platforms. That means fewer steps for your candidates to work through and a more streamlined experience. Also, Modern Hire’s assessments can be completed virtually on a mobile device – technology 81% of adults in the U.S. own and use every day. 

If you are concerned that adding an assessment will lengthen your hiring process or cause candidate drop-out, spend a few minutes viewing our webinarOvercoming Roadblocks to Pre-Hire Assessments. Our experts provide answers by diving deep into Modern Hire’s data. They tackle some of the most common concerns raised about assessments and help recruiting teams evaluate the use of an assessment for employment within their organization.

Fairness in hiring is a priority for candidates, and employment assessments can help you ensure fairness in your process. The reality is that many candidates have experienced discrimination in hiring. More than 50% of candidates feel that the use of artificial intelligence (AI) will reduce bias in hiring, according to Modern Hire research. Validated assessments for employment that leverage AI enable recruiters to minimize bias and improve fairness in their process. They provide objective data on candidates’ job-specific competencies. Rather than rely on instinct alone, hiring teams can use this data to inform their decisions. When recruiters integrate assessments in their workflow, they also ensure that candidates participate in a consistent process, which improves fairness. It’s important to note that in the same Modern Hire research stated above, candidates said they want to know when AI is being used in their evaluation process. When selecting an assessment for employment, recruiters should take this preference into account.

Finally, another way that assessments for employment can improve your candidate experience is by making hiring more personal. Some pre-hire assessments make it possible to give candidates real-time feedback, even in cases of high-volume hiring. From the candidate’s perspective, getting timely feedback about their fit for the organization provides hiring a very individual feel.

Next-Gen Hiring: 5 Ways AI Is Transforming the Candidate Experience is a Modern Hire white paper that goes into more in-depth detail about how assessments for employment can make hiring experiences more personal and satisfying for candidates. Download it today to learn more.