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Assessments Are Now As Much About the Brand

According to Moses Bar-Yoseph, the national director, talent attraction, for KPMG in Canada, ‘The line is now blurring between assessment and branding.’

KPMG Canada recently launched a pre-employment assessment for managerial candidates. Positioned as a Day-in-the-Life experience, it provides a candidate experience as unique as the KPMG brand, and as challenging as the role of a manager in tax, audit or consultancy. KPMG sees candidate engagement as a two-way process of both education and evaluation.

The KPMG Canada virtual job tryout was developed with high levels of involvement from across the firm. Hundreds of existing managers completed the initial version of the assessment to support the in-house validation analysis. Their responses to various day-to-day work issues, job-relevant questionnaires, and individual business results were analyzed to create a scoring algorithm. The go-live version reports on Overall Fit and provides ratings on KPMG Canada specific competencies. Recruiters identify best-fit candidates quickly and objectively. The results provide better candidate data for comparing and contrasting among candidates and exceptional decision support for hiring managers.

Bar-Yoseph was recently interviewed by Todd Raphael of ERE Media about the process. The article is here.