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Assessing Candidates for Media Service Roles


An American media-service provider and production company whose primary business is its subscription-based streaming service, with more than 170 million paid subscribers worldwide.


The organization wanted to better predict the future performance of its customer service representatives while also creating a fair and positive candidate
experience. In their mission statement, the company promises stellar service to customers as well as the allure of huge impact for their employees. Customer service and employee experience are top priorities at this company, which is why finding great customer service representatives is critical.


Modern Hire worked with the client to develop an interactive Virtual Job Tryout to measure situational judgement, culture fit, work history, and work style. Candidates received a preview of the job, allowing them to assess whether the job requirements aligned with their personal preferences and skills.


Hires from top VJT score bands compared very
favorably against those in low-scoring bands and
against those who did not take the assessment. Those
with higher scores were found to:

  • Spend less time on customer calls, resulting in the
    team being able to service 2.5 million more calls per
  • Have lower Customer Recontact Rates, resulting in
    63 fewer recontact calls per hire per year, equating
    to more than $850,000 in savings
  • Be almost twice as likely to pass the post-hire
    knowledge test
  • Stay with the organization after hire, reducing
    turnover and resulting in a $924,000 annual cost