Are You on Target with Your Q2 Hiring Goals?

Your budget is greenlit, and maybe you’ve won an increase to support your organization’s aggressive hiring goals. Now, 25% of the year is already gone, and your progress is ever-more visible to the executive team. Is your ability to attract and hire talent where it needs to be? Are you on the right trajectory to meet your 2018 TA hiring goals?

Hiring Goals and Trends

Get on the Right Path to Hitting Your Hiring Goals

TA leadership in the digital world – and hiring results – are about people, process and HR technology. Check in on these three areas with questions that will help you stay on top of your 2018 talent goals:

Is your team right for your goals?

It takes an effective team to hit lofty hiring goals, so don’t carry all of the burden yourself. Evaluate your team’s range of recruitment skill sets and motivation levels to identify where you may have gaps. Many younger employees place a high value on learning experiences, so look for opportunities to strengthen your team’s capabilities. You’ll gain twice the benefit since training can drive increased engagement of individual team members, too.

Is what’s working visible?

Even if you’re not as close to your hiring goal as you’d planned for Q2, it’s likely that some parts of your hiring process are working well. Perhaps your speed to hire has improved, or you’ve successfully implemented an interview coaching program for hiring managers. Increase the visibility of metrics and success in these areas to show the C-suite your progress and build forward momentum with your team.

What needs to change?

TA leadership requires flexibility and strategic response to changing external and internal conditions. Are close competitors stepping up their Q2 hiring efforts? Have your own organization’s hiring needs dramatically shifted? Now’s the time to evaluate where adjustments need to be made to strategy and process. Then, prioritize the steps that will move you closest to goal.

Could HR technology solve a key challenge?

New HR technologies are being introduced at an incredible rate, and the range of TA issues they solve has broadened substantially in the last 12 months. Could technology help you move past your biggest obstacles? For most challenges, there will be multiple solutions on the market, so search out those proven to deliver ROI, and do it quickly.

How can your tech partners help more?

If you have a partner relationship with your current HR tech vendors, have a frank discussion with them about your goals and gaps. Engage their expertise in creating solutions to your challenges. As trusted advisors with industry experience, they can contribute new perspectives and act as a sounding board.

TA Leadership

Wake Up and Be Awesome

Strong leaders recognize a positive attitude every day takes effort, especially when you’re under intense pressure to deliver. To keep your outlook in a good place, try laddering your goals. Breaking complex objectives into smaller steps can help you and your team handle the heat and stay focused on Q2 and 2018 goals.

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