HireVue announces acquisition of Modern Hire

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American Convenience Store & Modern Hire


This client is a large, international chain of convenience stores with over 50,000 employees worldwide. Prioritizing diversity and leadership, this client is focused on giving their customers the best and most convenient experience while giving employees a place to lead and grow.



Looking to attract and hire field consultants and store managers, this client was looking to improve job performance, increase retention rate, and better their candidate experience through mobile use. Predicting the quality of hire was a priority, while also minimizing differences in metrics while maximizing predictive power.



Modern Hire implemented an interactive experience for candidates through a Virtual Job Tryout® that showed candidates real job situations while also measuring important characteristics for retention. Throughout the assessment, candidates completed activities that demonstrated how they would manage a team and prioritize throughout their day. Modern Hire also ensured the assessments were mobile-friendly, helping to further improve the candidate experience and increase completion rates.



Virtual Job Tryout Scores were consistent with job performance as there was a:

  • 14% increase in the Store Manager performance
  • 6% increase in the Field Consulting performanc
  • By optimizing the VJT for mobile use, candidate completion rates increased:
    • By 22% for Store Managers
    • By 13% for Field Consultants

Retention improved by 12% in 360-day retention based on Store Manger hires.