How confident are you in your AI hiring technology?

Artificial intelligence is, without a doubt, the most transformative technology ever created. From the ability to deposit a check into your banking account via smartphone to smart assistants, AI touches almost every aspect of our lives. AI hiring technology is no different.

In hiring, AI can be used to predict the likelihood of success on the job and the risk of turnover. It is far superior to older strategies of basing decisions on gut instinct.

But as with any powerful tool, the misuse of AI can lead to unintended and harmful outcomes. For example, in 2016, Microsoft deployed a chatbot named Tay that was capable of learning from social interactions. However, internet trolls fed her offensive comments and she quickly became racist.

The good news is you can avoid issues like these with careful planning and a science-based approach.

At Modern Hire, we believe in a human-first approach to AI. Every single research question and product developed with AI must be done to benefit individuals first. Otherwise, we risk creating AI hiring technologies with goals not aligned with our own.

How can the implementation of AI hiring technology be human first?

  • Ensure AI solutions are unbiased
    AI can ensure protected groups score the same as non-protected groups. It can also continue to monitor scores to make sure group differences do not unknowingly drift into trouble over time.
  • Enable reliable predictive power
    Vendors and researchers often claims their AI-based product can transform your hiring process. These claims may sound impressive, but you need to ensure you understand what is behind those statements. AI developers also must be held responsible for explaining their methods in a clear and open manner.
  • Fair and transparent for your candidates
    AI does not automatically explain its reasoning when making predictions or decisions. We must ensure that applicable personal characteristics inform employment decisions and that we know how those characteristics are being scored.

Following the Future of Life Institute, the goal of AI should be redefined: the goal should be to create not undirected intelligence, but beneficial intelligence. AI has huge potential for good, but the amount of buzz generated by new AI hiring technology often drowns out the signal of the rare well-developed solution. Only by digging into the details can you get beyond the hype.

Learn how Modern Hire is managing AI and realizing the benefits of equity and fairness that AI brings to hiring.