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AI For Talent Acquisition

It wasn’t so long ago that predictions of artificial intelligence (AI) for talent acquisition called to mind visions of robots taking the place of recruiters. Today’s reality looks much different, as any recruiter who has worked with an AI-powered hiring platform knows. Within the next two years, 77% of HR teams will be using AI for talent acquisition, according to projections by LinkedIn. Here’s why that’s good news for TA practitioners.

4 Ways AI is elevating talent acquisition
The effects of the pandemic-caused shake-up in the job market are still being felt even as we settle into a “new normal.” For a while, TA teams were overwhelmed with a flooded labor market, which led to the current renewed focus on quality of hire. Some sectors are still dealing with that candidate overabundance; others have returned to a shortage of candidates. Nevertheless, all recruiters are working to build their most engaged, qualified, and diverse workforce, and AI technologies can assist.

#1. Increasing speed to hire with qualified candidates.
A science-based virtual hiring platform like Modern Hire integrates AI, validated pre-hire assessments, a range of video interviewing technologies, and automation to improve speed, efficiency, and efficacy in candidate selection at scale. Whether your team needs to fill a thousand call center roles or find the right administrator for your hospital or financial institution, the Modern Hire platform enables you to screen and evaluate your talent pool quickly and effectively, so you can advance qualified candidates in a shorter hiring cycle. In addition, Modern Hire’s Hiring Blueprints offer ready-to-implement workflow templates that make the best use of AI, automation, and digital hiring technologies for more than 40 specific roles. Use these workflows to quickly identify best-fit candidates with more precision and speed and improve quality of hire.

#2. Creating hiring experiences that are personal for your candidates.
The integration of AI in Modern Hire’s platform means your candidates can

  • experience job simulations and realistic job previews through pre-hire assessments to get an inside look at the role and have opportunities to demonstrate their job-relevant competencies
  • Modern Hire’s AI for talent acquisition can evaluate structured and unstructured data collected during the hiring process, making it possible for recruiting teams to give candidates more opportunity to describe themselves using their own words rather than through multiple choice responses.
  • AI assists with interview scheduling using a virtual assistant in the Modern Hire Platform and capabilities for providing and requesting timely candidate feedback.

All these AI-powered experiences make hiring more candidate-centric.

#3. Accelerating diversity, equality, and inclusions (DEI) initiatives.
AI for talent acquisition can reduce or eliminate bias in the hiring process, which is a goal for 93% of organizations, as indicated by a 2020 Aptitude Research study. As noted in the report, “AI and technology solutions can help organizations reduce bias by identifying it in real-time. Companies can then remove any bias from job descriptions and resumes, identify interview scoring patterns, use assessments to inform decision-making, and bring visibility to what needs to change.”

Modern’s Hire AI for talent acquisition is developed and guided by a team of more than 40 industrial-organizational (I-O) and data scientists who create hiring tools that are optimally predictive, engaging, and fair. Read more about how organizations are using AI and talent analytics to advance DEI goals.

#4. Helping recruiters become strategic talent advisors.
90% of executives say the use of intelligent automation has created higher-value work for their employees. This certainly holds true for AI for talent acquisition. AI tools can change how recruiters spend their day, allowing them to spend less time on administrative work and more time talking with candidates. These tools include:

  • Automated interview scheduling – simultaneously removes the burden of calendaring from recruiters’ to-do lists and creates a modern, simple scheduling interaction for candidates. With the Modern Hire platform, recruiters can also auto-advance candidates with an invite to schedule triggered by an interview completion or receipt of hiring manager feedback.
  • Automated interview scoring – uses AI to auto-score candidate responses to interview questions to improve recruiter efficiency and ensure a fairer and more unbiased hiring experience for candidates.

With AI providing the assist, recruiters can do more of what they do best, creating added value to their organization and managing their responsibilities. The Modern Hire platform is proven to allow recruiters to work 30% more efficiently.

Selecting AI for talent acquisition
In many ways, AI is the most potent tool recruiters have ever had for talent acquisition. Unfortunately, as with every powerful technology, the misuse of AI can lead to unintended and harmful outcomes in talent acquisition. And as often happens with exciting new technologies, the hype can get ahead of the science.

If you want to dig into the details beyond the hype, download the new Buyer’s Guide to AI-Driven Hiring. In it you will find five key questions to ask about an AI solution before implementing it for talent acquisition.