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Why Add On-Demand Video Interviewing?

As video interviewing technology gains traction with talent acquisition professionals, the benefits of live video interviews have become well-known. Less understood is on-demand video interviewing, and the reasons for integrating it into your hiring process. At its core, the value proposition of on-demand video interviewing is time savings and speed to hire. Companies that use it as a pre-screening step find they’re able to transform their hiring process and elevate their hiring results.

How On-Demand Video Interviewing Works
A comprehensive video interviewing platform typically includes both live and on-demand video interviewing. The live part of video interviewing is usually intuitively understood; it’s the on-demand side that requires further explanation. Maybe it’s because on-demand is known by so many alternative names: pre-recorded, one-way, or asynchronous. At Modern Hire, we never use the term “one-way” to describe on-demand video interviewing because our candidate experience is decidedly two-way, throughout.

On-demand is video interviewing that flows through stages:

  • A recruiter provides candidates with questions via the video interviewing solution.
  • Candidates record their responses using a web cam or mobile device.
  • The recorded responses are instantly shared with the recruiter and/or hiring manager.

With Modern Hire’s on-demand video interviewing application, recruiters have choices. You configure your video interviewing format at the question level to fit your specific job. You vary your questions and responses using video, audio or text delivery based on the job and the nature of the input you need. You can also offer the option to re-record, and set think times anywhere from none to unlimited to fit each specific question. This level of flexibility creates exactly the right kind of experience for your candidates and speeds along recruiter and hiring manager decisions.

On-Demand Interviewing Benefits Everyone
On-demand video interviewing benefits everyone involved in the hiring process. When used to replace a phone screen, recruiters recoup hours of their day by easily identifying those who should progress to next steps. The hiring team gets to know candidates more thoroughly through their video responses, and can shortlist the most qualified much faster than before. And, candidates can easily fit on-demand interviews into their busy schedules without taking time off of work, making it well-suited for passive candidate recruiting.

What Clients Are Saying About On-Demand Video Interviewing
For many talent acquisition teams, on-demand video interviewing has become a critical step in their hiring process. Their comments speak volumes:

“We’ve estimated that our pre-screening process, including the Modern Hire on-demand interview, saves the company $6 million each year.”- Kevin Stakelum, Talent Acquisition Director, Humana

“I joke with my VP that we screen while we sleep. After sending the on-demand video interview invites, we come in the next morning and have anywhere between 30 and 70 completed interviews to review. We can quickly identify about half of those people to submit to our hiring managers.” –Colleen Diercksen, Assistant Director of Talent Acquisition Operations, Penn Medicine

3 Innovative Use Cases for On-Demand Video Interviewing
With on-demand video interviewing, hiring teams can effectively manage high volume hiring as well as candidate selection for entry level and professional roles. Leading companies now use on-demand video interviews in nearly all phases of the hiring process. Consider just three of the resourceful ways to use the technology:

  • Prepping the Interview Team – With your best candidates’ on-demand interviews accessible just by clicking on a link, you have the most ideal way to prep the interviewing team and highlight each candidate’s potential.
  • Supporting Internal Mobility –When people inside your company raise their hands to be considered for openings, you want to give them every opportunity to shine. Bring them through an on-demand interview to easily share with potential new managers.
  • Onboarding –Ask new hires to create a “Let Me Introduce Myself” video before their first day on the job, so when they walk in, introductions and transition go smoothly.