Shaker?s Virtual Job Tryout named HRE Top Product for 2017

Shaker?s Standard-Edition Virtual Job Tryout has been selected as a 2017 Top HR Product by Human Resource Executive magazine.

Shaker is being honored with the Top Product award today at the 20th Annual HR Technology Conference and Expo in Las Vegas.

?Talent acquisition leaders want to hire employees that will be successful in their roles, offer candidates the opportunity to decide if the role is right for them, and reduce the organizational impact of turnover,? Shaker?s President Brian Stern explained.

?The science behind our candidate-centric Standard Virtual Job Tryout is designed to help recruiters identify the best applicants while offering candidates an engaging and interactive preview of the job and company. We?re thrilled that Human Resource Executive recognizes the value of our unique approach and has named the Shaker Standard-Edition Virtual Job Tryout a Top HR Product for 2017.?

David Shadovitz, the editor of Human Resource Executive, said, ?Human Resource Executive has been evaluating HR products for more than 25 years. Our Top HR Products contest identifies and celebrates the year?s most innovative human resources solutions.?

?We measure submissions based on the product?s level of invention, value added to HR, intuitiveness for the user, and the ability to deliver what it promises. The Shaker Standard-Edition Virtual Job Tryout exceeded these criteria and was chosen after extensive evaluation and product demonstrations.?

Standard Virtual Job Tryouts are ready-to-use pre-employment assessments designed for specific job types that allow candidates to test drive a similar position at the hiring organization. Based on years of experience predicting job performance in specific jobs, Shaker?s catalog of Standard Virtual Job Tryouts use gamification, simulation, and validation to provide a multi-method evaluation experience and obtain objective and standardized candidate data.

The solution allows recruiters and hiring managers to search, sort, rank, and identify best-fit candidates quickly and objectively. It can be set up with or without integration into an organization?s applicant tracking system.

Eric Sydell, Shaker?s VP of Research and Development, explained that a Standard Virtual Job Tryout offers candidates a realistic preview of the job they?re applying for while hiring organizations get a work sample that can help predict on-the-job performance.

?it's very exciting to be selected by the editors of Human Resource Executive for our Standard Virtual Job Tryout solution,? he said, ?which allows talent acquisition teams to spend more time with the best-fit candidates in an applicant pool and, ultimately, improve their quality of hire.?