Shaker’s Eric Sydell Discusses Key Points of Prehire Assessments with SHRM

Eric Sydell, Shaker International?s executive vice president of innovation, was featured in the SHRM article ?Prehire Assessments Can Speed Up Screening, Reduce Bias.?

The article discusses ?recruiters? perceptions that the tests can scare off top applicants if they are too lengthy or onerous, and doubts whether the tests accurately predict future job performance.?

In the piece, Sydell explains how Shaker assessments and scoring allow organizations to measure what the candidates say for meaning and quality, as opposed to simple, less informative data points.

Sydell also discusses how the length of assessments does impact the drop-out rate and that candidates who do opt-out, usually do so in the first 10 minutes, regardless of assessment length.

Read the entire article here and learn more about what makes Shaker the assessment vendor of choice for many of America?s largest, most successful organizations.