Shaker to spotlight intersection of selection and science for data-driven hiring at HR West 2017

Shaker Executive Vice President Joseph P. Murphy will present the session Optimize Your Hire Power: The Intersection of Selection and Science on Tuesday, March 7 as part of HR West 2017.

The possibilities offered by big data and talent analytics continue to generate tremendous buzz. Yet the purpose and practical use of these resources are often obscured by marketing jargon and hype, preventing companies from leveraging data as part of the hiring process. But not all hope is lost.

Murphy will cut through the noise surrounding big data and talent analytics and explain how the intersection of selection and science can help improve quality of hire. Throughout his session, Murphy will discuss actionable ways companies can improve the power of the candidate evaluation process, gather valuable data for analysis, and provide hiring managers with insights to optimize hiring decisions. Murphy will also describe how companies can identify and focus on jobs where actively collected, intentionally defined candidate data will have the greatest return on investment.

Conference attendees interested in learning more about the data, scientific methods, and analytic techniques that can help unlock the hiring potential of their organizations are encouraged to attend this session. Learn more about HR West 2017.