Shaker International Wins IPAC 2019 Innovations in Assessment Award

The International Personnel Assessment Council (IPAC) has awarded their 2019 Innovations in Assessment Award to Derek Mracek, Eric Sydell, Isaac Thompson, and Nick Koenig of Shaker International for their work in AI-Powered Realistic Job Previews (RJPs). The team received their award at the IPAC 2019 Conference on July 16th in Minneapolis, MN.

The Innovations in Assessment Award "recognizes an individual or a workgroup for the development of an innovative personnel assessment tool, the use of an existing assessment tool in an innovative manner, or general innovations in assessment policies or procedures which resulted in improved effectiveness, efficiencies, or cost savings."

Shaker's EVP of Innovation, Eric Sydell, explained what makes the Shaker assessment different than other assessments. "Our data and science team capitalized on recent advancements in machine learning and deep learning to automatically score simulation responses in a way that replicates expert judgment. This innovation gives companies the ability to leverage RJPs across industries and job levels to drive better hiring outcomes for a greater number of hires."

The team was honored to receive this reward from IPAC, recognizing their contributions to the field of assessment science, demonstrating the strength of deep learning combined with more traditional assessment center guidelines - a true advancement in hiring practices.

Read the full release here and learn why Shaker is the assessment provider of choice for global organizations looking for world-class assessments that deliver measurable results.