Q2 News: Turnover research, AI & candidate experience, Shaker/Montage merger, and more!

Next-Gen Hiring:5 Ways AI is Transforming the Candidate Experience 5 Ways AI Is Transforming the Candidate Experience

So far there is little evidence that existing AI tools are being used to improve the hiring process for candidates, and fears have been raised about legal, ethical, and privacy issues.

But it's a fact that effective and responsible use of AI will lead to exciting new benchmarks for the candidate experience.

Find out how to use AI to provide your candidates with a more personal and satisfying experience.

Shaker International and Montage Merge to Revolutionize Recruiting

Shaker International, a leading provider of predictive talent intelligence and assessment solutions, has merged with Montage, the single solution to engage, interview, and hire better candidates, faster.

The new company will help its combined client base, which includes hundreds of leading global brands and 47 of the Fortune 100, transform talent acquisition by embedding predictive intelligence into automated hiring workflows that enable better candidate experiences and smarter hiring decisions for 100% of an organization's hires.

2019 Quarterly Business Impact Brief: Turnover

More than a quarter of employees left their jobs voluntarily in 2018. That number is expected to increase to 35% within five years.

Reducing turnover is one of the biggest challenges facing HR Professionals. What if you could know who was most likely to stay on the job before ever extending a job offer?

Find out what leading companies are doing to attract and retain top talent more likely to stay on the job and how emerging HR tech is transforming prediction.

Case Study: Retailer Boosts Sales by 104%

Shaker created a custom Virtual Job Tryout for this American-based, global retailer to enhance the candidate experience and ensure fair treatment of candidates while maintaining reliable predictions for key business outcomes.

Candidates who scored highest on the assessment:

  • Improved direct Sales by 104%
  • Saved $150k more per year in a controllable costs
  • A 300%+ increase in transaction count
  • Twice as likely to be rated a top performing DM

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