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AI in Hiring: 5 Critical Questions

AI is the most powerful tool we've ever had to advance the way we predict outcomes.

Are you ready for when - not if - AI becomes the norm in employee selection? Find out what you need to know to understand the promise AI holds for the future of employee selection decisions - and the hazards of its indiscriminate use.

The Magnificent 7: The Essential Elements of a Great Candidate Experience

Too many employees make assumptions about what a great candidate experience looks like. But assumptions about what candidates want aren't good enough.

You don't have to guess what drives a great experience! Research has defined the Magnificent 7 - the elements essential to getting candidate experience right.


Which ones are part of your hiring process?

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Learn more about what we're doing at SIOP and the future of assessment.

Shaker is proudly sponsoring the second annual SIOP Machine Learning Competition.
Visit us at Booth 312 to find out how to win an AI-enable device
Our scientists are participating in dozens of sessions! See the full list.

2019 Recruiting Trends

Are you confident in the quality of your candidate experience? You assume your candidates are happy. But, your candidates most likely disagree.

Get the details about what trends are:

Shaping hiring this year
Permanently changing the way people apply for jobs

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AI in Hiring: 5 Critical Questions
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2019 Recruiting Trends: The Year of the Candidate
The Magnificent 7: The Essential Elements of a Great Candidate Experience

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