New Research Report Unveils the State of Artificial Intelligence in Talent Acquisition

New Research Report Unveils the State of Artificial Intelligence in Talent Acquisition

Job candidates and talent acquisition professionals surveyed by Montage to determine how AI is perceived and adopted.?

October 2, 2018 (Delafield, Wisconsin) - Montage, the single solution to engage, interview and hire better candidates, faster, today released the findings its new research report, entitled ?State of AI in Talent Acquisition.? Montage surveyed both talent acquisition (TA) professionals and candidates to uncover their attitudes, feelings and beliefs about the use of artificial intelligence in recruiting. The survey also aimed to identify the differences between candidate and employer perception when it comes to incorporating AI into the hiring process.

The findings confirm that while AI is emerging as a way to enhance the candidate experience, organizations are adopting the technology with cautious optimism. With this in mind, some of the top findings from Montage?s report include:

  • There?s more comfort when AI is used earlier in the hiring process. Fifty-one percent of organizations use AI to automate activities like screening, sourcing and scheduling. By contrast, only 34 percent of TA professionals said they use AI in the candidate selection process and only 36 percent use the technology in the interviewing process.
  • Candidates aren't ready to interact with certain forms of AI. Only 6 percent of candidates said they would be comfortable being evaluated for a job via facial recognition technology.
  • Over half (59 percent) of the TA professionals Montage surveyed said they aren't worried using AI will reduce the need for their jobs. In fact, 93 percent of TA professionals believe AI helps them be successful in their roles and 87 percent say the technology improves the candidate experience.

?Adoption of AI will occur over a sustained period of time?until both companies and candidates feel comfortable with its application. During this sustained period, our innovation is guided by a pragmatic, proven approach,? said Kurt Heikkinen, President and CEO of Montage.

AI?s Potential in Improving Diversity, Reducing Bias & Discrimination in Hiring

According to previous research from Montage, increasing diversity and inclusion is the second most important initiative for talent acquisition leaders this year. Despite TA leaders? promise to implement more equitable hiring practices, many candidates (44 percent) still face discrimination in the hiring process. As the technology advances and becomes more widely adopted, organizations and candidates alike are beginning to consider how AI can help reduce the bias and discrimination that often surfaces in hiring. Fifty-six percent of candidates think AI is less biased than human recruiters - further pointing to the need for employers to re-examine their hiring practices.

?Though both TA professionals and candidates recognize the potential of AI to mitigate bias and improve diversity, it's important to keep in mind that there is no out-of-the-box solution,? said Heikkinen. ?By commissioning this research and releasing a new AI solution meant to reduce bias in a practical manner, Montage is at the forefront of helping companies determine how technology plays a role in assisting with diversity and inclusion efforts.?

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