Montage Announces New Solution to Reduce Unconscious Bias in Hiring Process

Montage Announces New Solution to Reduce Unconscious Bias in Hiring Process

Unbiased Candidate Review uses AI to help hiring managers overcome unconscious bias when vetting and interviewing candidates

September 12, 2018 (Las Vegas) - Montage, the single solution to engage, interview and hire better candidates faster, today announced the addition of the Unbiased Candidate Review enabled by the Montage Intelligent Recruiting Assistant, (Mira). This solution provides organizations with the capability to reduce the inherent unconscious bias and discrimination they may unintentionally exhibit when vetting and interviewing candidates during the hiring process.

Montage?s interviewing technology platform is configured to extend candidate reach, reduce bias and mitigate risk. Its newest advancement uses AI to help hiring managers, recruiters, or any interview reviewer, to drive even more consistency into their candidate review and selection process.? Each second, an individual receives approximately 11 million pieces of information, but the human brain can only consciously process about 40 pieces per second. To cope with this information overload during the interview process, hiring managers make decisions without even consciously thinking about them. These quick judgments are influenced by background, culture, environment and personal experiences. During interviews and hiring, individuals have the potential to make decisions based on opinions they?ve formed about different groups or sets of people, often without realizing it. ?This introduces unconscious bias into the hiring process. The Unbiased Candidate Review, aims to alleviate this industry-wide challenge by adding new capabilities to its on-demand voice and video interviewing solutions.

Today?s modern candidate expects a fast, transparent and easy hiring experience. The Unbiased Candidate Review solution provides even greater candidate transparency. Candidates will be informed how the hiring experience works and allows them to submit their on-demand interviews when it's most convenient for them. When the interviews are completed, a notification will be sent. The candidate's identity and voice is concealed until after the hiring manager enters feedback and a yes/no decision to advance the candidate is recorded in the platform. .

?By leveraging the Unbiased Candidate Review, our clients are better equipped to prioritize improving diversity within their organizations,? said Andy Bonk, Founder and Senior Product Manager at Montage. ?There are things that you can infer from a zip code, from an area code, from a name. Our solution provides the flexibility to remove all the identifiable information that could elicit unconscious bias.?

Montage developed the Unbiased Candidate Review solution in response to how organizations are prioritizing not only diversity and inclusion, but also the candidate experience in the workplace. According to recent research from Montage, increasing diversity is the second most important initiative for talent acquisition leaders this year, with candidate experience taking the top priority.

?Montage has always been focused not only on delivering the better candidate experience, but also on forever transforming the hiring experience. Our approach to innovation reflects our vision and focus. The ability for organizations to use our Unbiased Candidate Review solution to further reduce bias in the interview experience is transformative,? said Kurt Heikkinen, President and CEO of Montage.

Montage accelerates hiring decisions and caters to the needs and expectations of the modern candidate. Montage has introduced several artificial intelligence-enabled solutions in recent years and Mira represents the company?s collective approach to AI. To learn more about Mira, visit If you?re at the HR Technology Conference and Exposition this week, be sure to check out Montage at Booth #1339 to learn more about how Montage?s platform and partnerships deliver measurable results and a superior candidate experience.