Jacqueline Carpenter, Ph.D. Joins Quality of Hire Team at Shaker Consulting Group

Shaker Consulting Group adds Jacqueline Carpenter, Ph.D. to strengthen focus on providing ongoing client analytics and quality of hire initiatives. By joining the Shaker Consulting Group, Jacqueline Carpenter can pursue her passion for helping employers hire candidates who are a good fit for their organizations.

?I?ve always been interested in the process of finding people who are the right fit in a job. Quality of hire criteria supported with on-going analytics can make the workplace more productive for employers and more enjoyable and satisfying for employees,? says Carpenter, a Moriah, NY native, who recently earned her Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Akron.

Not surprisingly, Carpenter, is a perfect fit at Shaker, a Cleveland-based firm that is widely recognized as market leader in custom simulations for pre-employment testing. Shaker?s core product offering, Virtual Job Tryout, guides candidates through a series of customized exercises that mirror key job demands. The approach provides candidates with a deeper understanding of the role, while strengthening the employer?s ability to make evidence-based hiring decisions derived from work-sample results that predict the likelihood of success on the job.

?Virtual Job Tryout was a really big draw for me to Shaker,? Carpenter says. ?Through sound research and predictive analytics, Shaker can help enhance the candidate experience while also dramatically improving an employer?s ability to make better hiring decisions.?

Shaker president Brian Stern, Ph.D. says Carpenter?s intellect, experience and attitude impressed Shaker?s leadership team during her recent internship at the firm. Carpenter?s understanding of talent analytics combined with an enthusiastic commitment to customer service aligns perfectly with Shaker?s client-focused approach, Stern says. ?Jackie is poised beyond her years,? Stern says. ?She has a really great presence with clients who quickly recognize she is credible, confident and knowledgeable.?

Carpenter will be working closely with another recent Shaker hire, Mike Reeves, in providing existing clients with ongoing analysis and support to most effectively leverage Virtual Job Tryout data to improve quality of hire.

?Jackie brings a unique blend of a strong foundation of big data and selection science and the ability to interact well with clients,? says Joseph Murphy, Shaker executive vice president. ?We see her playing a significant role in ongoing analysis for clients that assures they continue to get strong return on investment as their organizations change.?

Carpenter appreciates the fact that Shaker works with a wide range of market leaders - and that the firm?s relationship with clients typically extends beyond an initial round of hiring. ?We forge strong relationships that allow us to build trust and provide guidance,? Carpenter says. ?Virtual Job Tryout aligns hiring decisions with the client?s strategic direction. I?m excited to help Shaker continue to innovate in ways that leverage a company?s knowledge base and big data analytics to make better and smarter hiring decisions.?