8 Habits of a Successful Recruiter That You Can Implement

Recruiting top talent is hard. Candidates have more power and options than ever. In a time when technology is everywhere, and people are used to getting instant feedback, it can be hard to attract the quality talent your organization is looking for and deserves. That’s why it’s so important to ensure you have a successful recruiter on your front line who practices these core habits of a successful recruiter.

A recruiter who successfully sources and hires top talent improves the performance of the organization. These eight habits of a successful recruiter will not only help recruiters attract better talent – they will also help improves the success of the organization and its hiring initiatives.

8 Habits of a Successful Recruiter
  1. Communication is key – Everything a recruiter does is built on the foundation of communication. The modern candidate is looking for transparent and timely communication and feedback. Applicants and candidates want to know where they stand in the process. Transparency will earn you points with savvy candidates who appreciate the truth. Straightforward communication wins with your shortlist candidates, as well as the many more who will not get the job offer.
  2. Stay ahead of the game – Stay on top of, and even ahead of, hiring and company specific industry trends. One of the habits of a successful recruiter is to watch what others are doing in their industry which leads to better results. Keep your focus forward. Innovation is key.
  3. Use technology to your advantage – Today, everyone relies on technology, including candidates. Strong recruiters meet their candidates where they are, and in a way that is convenient for them. Not only will your candidates appreciate a technology-forward company, but it will most likely make a recruiter’s job more efficient. Technology is not intended to replace a recruiter, but rather, it frees up their time so that they can be more strategic and focus on building relationships. A strategic recruiter is a successful recruiter.
  4. Smile – Talk about free and easy! A recruiter’s job is to court top talent. Between an overloaded schedule and harried hiring managers, it’s too easy to let candidates feel the brunt of your frustration. Successful recruiters relax, slow down, and warm up their approach. Candidates will appreciate when a recruiter lets their personality and underlying love for the company shine through.
  5. Preparation – The most successful recruiters are prepared. A survey conducted of 200 active job seekers revealed that 75% of candidates can tell within the first few minutes of an interview that the interviewer isn’t prepared. In order to attract top talent, recruiters need to ask the right questions, provide a comfortable pace and demonstrate a basic understanding of their background. If you try to wing it, candidates will see right through you.
  6. Treat candidates like customers – Often times a candidate’s hiring experience translates into their consumer impression of your brand. Every candidate should be treated like your customer. They deserve the same level of respect and attention. Providing updates and feedback will support a positive candidate experience, therefore elevating your brand. You want candidates to remain loyal regardless of whether or not they were hired.
  7. Show me the numbers – When recruiters already feel like they don’t have enough time in the day, it can be overwhelming to think about data. Having recruiting metrics and understanding your organization’s hiring data will give you important insight on what’s working and what areas need some improvement. Successful recruiters track data around time to hire, cost of hire and more.
  8. Go above and beyond – In order to find the top talent and achieve your goals, you need to be motivated. Going above and beyond will not only impress business leaders but will make you feel good, too. Always be on the lookout for areas of improvement and then actually make the changes. A recruiter is often on the front line. When a recruiter is successful, it helps the business as a whole.

Following these habits of a successful recruiter will not only help you improve your candidate experience and attract top talent, but it will also improve internal working relationships. Recruiters work hard and they should feel good about the work they do!