7 Cool Ways to Keep Your Candidates Warm Over the Holidays

Tis the season! The holidays are usually about disconnecting from work and partaking in family tradition. While you’re focused on reaching top talent, your candidates are thinking of ways they can connect with their friends and family. Not to mention, many have pushed off job search activities until after the holidays or their year-end vesting or bonuses.

Don’t be surprised if your candidates become unresponsive during the holidays. The good news is the season can bring out the warm and fuzzy in people, leaving them open to making more personal connections. Want to keep your candidates engaged? Here are some ideas on how to keep hot talent warm during the last few weeks of 2017:

    1. Send a thoughtful note
      Rather than push business-related contact with someone during the busiest time of the year, drop them a note that expresses your gratitude and well wishes. And leave it at that. Engaging in a meaningful way will help elevate their impression of you, so you become THEIR recruiter, and not just one of the many.
    2. Stay Social
      Candidates are focused on spending time with their families and taking their vacation days. That also means they’re more likely to share a family pictures and news on Facebook and Twitter. Stay active on social media -that’s where your candidates will most likely be.
    3. Show off your company culture
      Modern candidates want to work for a company that cares about them. Show off company gatherings and swag employees receive. Or, take the opportunity to highlight service opportunities through your organization or your company’s encouragement of employee volunteers.
    4. Meet up for coffee
      If you’re wooing local candidates for high-level roles, invite them to grab a quick cup of coffee with you. If they are too busy, send a coffee shop gift card instead, with a note that reads, Still wanted to buy you a cup of joe- enjoy a cup on me!
    5. Set expectations
      Be transparent about seasonal time off within your own organization, so candidates know to expect potential delays in the hiring process while a hiring manager or key hiring decision-maker is out of the office. Candidates may not like hiring delays, but they will appreciate communication that ensures they aren’t left in the dark.
    6. Don’t forget December graduates
      Finding a job may be at the top of the wish list for this talent pool, so now is a great time to reach out and connect. Play off the excitement of their recent graduation.
    7. Take advantage of the down time
      Finally, even though it may seem everyone else is going on winter break, you don’t have to follow suit. Take advantage of the quieter time to push through. Some candidates, especially those in sales, are evaluating if their company is still the right fit. Others may be thinking their New Year’s resolutions should include a new job in 2018. Now may be the perfect time to set yourself apart with a quick note that sets up some time to talk about their potential fresh start in the new year.