6 Reasons Why This is the Year for Automated Interview Scheduling

May 21, 2018    |    2.5 minutes read

Modern Hire

There’s a lot of buzz around use of automated interview scheduling technology for coordinating job interviews. With automated interview scheduling, candidates either self-schedule from a choice of time slots they receive via text or email, or they interact with a chatbot that coordinates the interview time.

Automated interview scheduling is the top recruiting technology investment in 2018, according to Talent Board Candidate Experience research.1 What’s driving its upcoming status? Here are six of the main reasons automated interview scheduling is gaining widespread adoption this year:

improve recruiter efficiency

1. Automated interview scheduling improves recruiter efficiency.

Recruiter efficiency is a chief pain point for everyone on the TA team, including recruiters. And, the ability to increase recruiter efficiency is a high-value hiring advantage in today’s tough talent market. Automated scheduling in video interviewing software is proven to help recruiters manage job interview coordination in less time and with faster response to candidates. According to global organizations’ use of Modern Hire’s automated scheduling, recruiters save an average of 50 minutes per candidate with the technology.TA performance improves when recruiters can spend less time on phone tag and more time talking with candidates.

video interviewing platforms

2. It’s already part of video interviewing platforms.

Research reports indicate that between 50% and 75% of organizations have a video interviewing solution already. Many providers of purpose-built video interviewing have an integrated scheduling application, which makes it more efficient for recruiters than a stand-alone solution. It’s also a seamless experience for candidates.

3. It’s a safer hiring step to automate.

There’s been a huge wave of advancement in HR tech in the last 18 months or so. However, there has also been controversy and missteps, especially around artificial intelligence (AI) and decision-making in hiring. Automating job interview schedules is a different story. Scheduling technology has progressed, and as consumers, candidates are already familiar with the concept. Perhaps even more importantly, there’s no hiring decision being made. TA leaders can implement it with little risk to the candidate experience. In many cases, automated scheduling improves the hiring experience by making interview set-up faster, more convenient and more immediate for candidates.

4. Recruiters are ready to embrace it.

According to 2017 Jobvite research, 63% of recruiters under age 50 surveyed said the task they would most like to see automated is interviewing scheduling.2 Recruiters understand which steps in hiring are best suited to being automated, and because they’re interested in it, implementation of scheduling technology is likely to be successful.

Recruiters embrace technology

5. Candidates use it.

When candidates are given an opportunity to use automated scheduling, they take advantage of it. Use data from Modern Hire’s global candidate base indicates 54% of candidates self-schedule their interview within two hours after receiving the invite; 84% schedule within the first 24 hours.

6. It’s an easier AI entry point.

Some automated interview scheduling applications are already using AI, and candidate perception seems positive. According to the Pew Research Center, 66% of candidates are comfortable with the help of chatbots in scheduling job interviews.3 For TA leaders under pressure to leverage AI technology, automated scheduling may have fewer barriers to entry than other solutions.

Why is 2018 The Year to Make the Investment in Automated Scheduling?

With so many organizations of all sizes turning to automated interview scheduling in video interviewing software, hiring best practices are changing. More and more often, candidates expect potential employers to provide this convenience, and when they don’t, they risk creating a poor impression. And, the impact on recruiter efficiency can’t be ignored. With automated scheduling, recruiters are much better positioned to make faster job offers and secure the most talented candidates for their organizations.

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