5 Ways to Reboot Your Strategy for Hiring Millennials

September 20, 2018    |    3 minutes read

Modern Hire

Tailoring your hiring for Gen Y – already checked that box? Here’s why it’s time to revisit your strategies for hiring millennials and reboot:

  • The oldest millennials are now in their mid-30s. They’ve had experience in the workplace, and time to grow, change and mature.
  • The youngest millennials in their early 20s are even more digitally native than their elders. Smartphones and social media were introduced before they were born, and these technologies are simply their norm. They’re thinking, ‘Why wouldn’t this be digital?’ about traditional hiring experiences.

Hiring technologies have changed too. For example, interviewing solutions have moved forward-thinking companies down the road to modernization in hiring millennials more than a decade ago. Today’s leading platforms have transformed hiring significantly by integrating automated scheduling, on-demand interviews, assessments and AI applications. 

So, technologies are new, and candidates’ perspectives are new, too. You can respond with some fresh strategies of your own:

Put More Control in Candidates’ Hands

30- and 20-something candidates like and expect more self-service options in their online interactions, including hiring. The self-service trend which began with retailers has gone viral because self-service allows consumers to do things at their own pace, with more control. For job candidates, having more control is a welcome change from traditional recruiting processes which typically required changing work schedules for interviews, and often left them in the dark. Look to automated scheduling and on-demand video and voice functionality to put more of the hiring experience in your candidates’ hands.

Here’s proof that candidates prefer it: A large Modern Hire healthcare client recently tested candidates’ preferences. One division invited candidates to self-schedule an interview via text, while in a second division, recruiters attempted to make phone contact before sending the text invite. Response rates for the second division were about 10% lower, indicating candidates’ preferences for quick, simple interview self-scheduling.

Make Hiring Millennials Mobile

With the high penetration of smartphones in the U.S, mobile-enabled hiring makes sense. For Millennials though, mobile is about more than just convenience. Millennials have always valued workplace flexibility, and for those ages 30 to 35, it’s even more important than career advancement. Mobile technology is a key driver in Millennials’ ability to blend work and life across all things, including their job search. They’re looking for organizations that understand why mobile is so important in their lives.

Amplify Candidate Engagement

A new report on hiring Millennials indicates that relationships in the workplace matter to this generation. And as experienced TA teams know, a strong employee relationship starts with strong candidate engagement. Enterprise organizations are using video interviewing platforms to amplify engagement in a few ways:

  • On-demand and live video interviews enable TA teams to start building relationships with a higher volume of candidates efficiently.
  • Recruiters can socialize job postings and invite candidates to engage with the hiring process immediately, right from their social media accounts.
  • Automation and AI applications within interviewing platforms let recruiters manage administrative tasks more efficiently, so they have up to 30% more time to talk one-on-one with candidates and build the relationship so critical in hiring Millennials.
Hire Millennials for a Career Path, Not a Role

More than half (53%) of Millennials say career pathing has the most impact on their decision to stay with a company, perhaps because it gives them more control over their work and future within the organization. If your company does a good job with career pathing, why not make that known during the hiring process? The same is true for learning and development opportunities, another item on the Millennial wish-list. To act on these priorities in tandem, TA teams could talk about the open job as a starting or entry point with their organization. 

Value Collaboration? Say It with Your Recruiting

The Millennial generation is more collaborative than others. In fact, 88% prefer a collaborative work environment over one that’s competitive. If your culture leans toward collaboration, walk the talk and hire Millennials with a collaborative process. Video interviewing software enables collaborative interviews, and facilitates collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers at every stage in hiring. 

Millennials at all ages have more opportunity and choice than ever, whether they’re experienced professionals looking for a new challenge, or entry-level candidates intent on finding their dream job right out of school. Use some of these strategies to hire Millennials who can make a positive impact within your organization.