5 Ways to Improve Your Candidate Experience without Spending Money

February 11, 2016    |    4 minutes read

Modern Hire

You and your hiring team have been working to improve your candidate experience for some time now. What your candidates see, hear and feel during your hiring process is almost where you want it, but not quite. Like a good recipe, it just needs an extra pinch of something to take it from every-day to outstanding. We’ve compiled a list of smart, yet simple changes you can make to ensure a positive, memorable experience for potential new hires. You don’t have to implement them all to see a difference,just the ones that resonate with you. Perhaps best of all, if you already have a purpose-built video interviewing solution in place, these process improvements won’t cost you a penny.


  • Eliminate the Phone Tag: The back-and-forth voice messages and emails which often occur when scheduling interviews is as irritating to candidates as it is to recruiters. Candidates are already juggling a million things, including perhaps a 40-hour work week, so don’t waste their time with outdated scheduling methods. Use the self-scheduling feature built into your video and voice interviewing technology and let candidates quickly and easily select an interview time that fits best with their schedule. Modern Hire’s self-scheduling feature updates everyone involved in real-time, so there’s no chance of a double-booked slot. With all its convenience, self-scheduling is a great way to start your relationship with top talent and improve your candidate experience.


  • Cut Down the Waiting Time: Never forget that for candidates, days feel like weeks when they’re waiting for a callback or a job offer. Unfortunately, the average time it takes to get through the hiring process has increased in the last five years to 23 days. You can speed the process up for your candidates without reducing quality by integrating video and voice interviewing. Invite candidates into an on-demand screening video interview using social media one day, and you’ll have applicants to review when you come into work the next morning. Keep the momentum going by emailing the top contenders’ responses to the hiring team, and connecting the best-fit candidates with decision-makers in a live video interview from any location, the same or next day. Modern Hire clients have actually cut weeks out of their hiring process in this manner. When you cut down the wait time, you’ll have candidates thanking you, even if they aren’t offered the job.


  • Prep Your Interviewers: Every time candidates meet with new interviewers they expect to tell their story from the beginning. Think how valued they will feel if your hiring managers have clearly spent advance time reviewing their file. No time to prep your interviewers like this? You can with a video interviewing platform. Simply email the top on-demand video profiles to your hiring team, then set up a brief panel-style meeting via video. To improve your candidate experience, go over each candidate’s key points and coach your interviewers on the hiring experience you want to create. It’s a fast and easy way to get the hiring team onboard with their part in delivering a great candidate experience. For candidates, the hiring process takes on a more personalized feel.


  • Let Candidates See Your World of Work: It’s hard for candidates to envision their future with you if they don’t know what it looks like, literally. You can answer their questions about work environment, cube space and work teams in words, or you can delight and engage them by presenting this same information via video. The Modern Hire foyer is a virtual location where candidates arrive before their live or on-demand interview simply by clicking on a link. The foyer is configured and branded to properly represent each unique client organization. Candidates can play welcome videos and job specific videos through the interviewing process – truly a warm welcome to begin the interview. You can also create video tours to show off your employees’ favorite spaces at work, and ask potential colleagues to relay a story about their first day on the job via video. With all of these options and more, your candidates get the insight they need to be truly excited about joining your organization.


  • Smile: Here’s one more idea to improve your candidate experience without spending any money. Nothing else comes close to the small effort-giant reward ratio of a smile for your candidates. A genuine smile tells them so many good things – you welcome them, you respect them, you appreciate their interest, you’re glad they came. It brings a human touch to hiring. We believe that a smile is so important it’s part of our brand promise: Our technology is purpose-built to transform the hiring experience one smile at a time.

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