5 Video Interviewing Misconceptions

When you think of video interviewing, we do not doubt that all sorts of protesting ideas spring to mind. But have you ever really taken the time to see if these ideas had any truth behind them?

Based on what we’ve heard from chez Sonru, our team has decided to put the misconceptions to rest! Do you think that Video Interviewing is the same as video conferencing? Or that the process is too cold for candidates? It’s time to think again. 93% of candidates would be happy to complete a video interview again, indicating that the process is not cold!

All of the real insights have been compiled in our latest free eBook, ‘Video Interviewing Misconceptions.’ Take time to flick through the short guide and refresh your perspective.

Which Misconceptions are Exposed in the EBook? 

Find out why the following interviewing misconceptions are inaccurate:

  1. Video Interviewing is the same as Video Conferencing
  2. It is only suitable for volume or graduate recruitment
  3. The process is cold and impersonal for candidates
  4. You must be tech-savvy to use the tool
  5. Video Interviewing eliminates the opportunity to probe candidates

If you’re thinking about implementing Video Interviewing, your team is bound to have some questions. Make sure you give them an overview of what Video Interviewing entails.

This article was created by Sonru Video Interviewing and includes contributions and research gathered from Sonru clients and candidates between 2011 to 2020.